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Charles Marcus


Charles Marcus is a much sought after and highly respected global keynote speaker and seminar leader. He is ranked in the “Top 60 Motivational Speakers in The World“.

In his 20-plus year career, Charles has spoken in 71 countries spanning six continents, delivered over 4,000 presentations to audiences totalling over one million people. His client list includes Mercedes Benz, American Express, FedEx, McDonalds, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Pzifer, Estee Lauder, Sony, L’Oréal, New York Life, Remax, Special Olympics, World Management Forum, State Farm Insurance and Government of Canada.

Charles has been a visiting professor and lecturer at several universities and institutes around the world, a best-selling author of "Success is Not a Spectator Sport", and a contributing author to the New York Times best-selling book series "Chicken Soup for The Soul".

Charles Marcus has come a long way. For over 25 years, he could not do what most people take for granted – speak. He lived with a severe stuttering disability which impacted his life in many ways, living in a world of silence for long periods for fear of ridicule, prejudice, and rejection.

He was finally able to realize his dream of overcoming his disability and speaking in public after making an important decision to take full responsibility for his life and confront his challenges and fears head on. Today Charles travels the globe doing the one thing he used to fear the most.
His thought-provoking ideas, authenticity, humility and down to earth speaking style resonate with participants in a very special way. Above all, his message empowers each person to identify and unleash the greatness that lie within each of them.

Charles is a master storyteller, and each presentation, whether motivational or business related is highly customized to his clients' needs, objectives and desired results. Charles also believes that when people are laughing, they are learning. He is a popular choice, invited back time and time again to work with his clients globally to motivate, educate, inspire and impact their audiences. The results are long lasting and in many cases life-changing.

Speaking topics

Success is Not a Spectator Sport: How to Take Action and Achieve More

This keynote presentation based on Charles' best-selling book will help your audience to develop the mindset, create the game plan, shape the strategies, and find the discipline and motivation to complete the plays necessary for success. Learn how to become a true leader of your own destiny, build winning and lasting relationships, let go of perfection but never let go of excellence, set goals that really work, treat every setback as a valuable learning experience and learn the number one key to your success. Are you ready to get in the game? Be prepared to accept all challenges and pursue the success you desire!

The Leader Within

Expanding Your Influence

This can be presented in either a keynote or workshop format. Companies today that are truly successful know how to retain, recruit, and motivate the best team. It takes a new way of looking at leadership, a different mindset. This thought-provoking presentation challenges participants to

take the necessary steps to lead in a different way. Topics covered include, understand the five key personality drivers of their team and impact, Follow the steps to building a high performing team, the changing role of the leader and how to create the environment to keep that competitive advantage that is critical to success and keeping your top people.

Winning the Heart, Mind, Loyalty and Business of your Customer

This can be presented in a keynote or workshop format. It is about building a service culture that is focused on excellence and delivering a world class experience for your customers at every interaction that they can’t get anywhere else. Charles will use real life examples and case studies of what world class looks like in different companies and organizations and what consumers expect today from you if you want to stay relevant and stay in the game! Customer service is not part of your business, it is your biz and kindness is the new cool.

Seize The Moment: Winning In a Changing and Disruptive World

This keynote session is about change and seeing disruption in a positive light and exploring the exciting times and opportunities that lie ahead as the world changes around us. Change and disruption are not something to fear, that are something to embrace. “Fear is a reaction, but courage is a decision” This theme applies both at the business and individual level. The presentation is high energy, thought-provoking and allows you to see things from a different perspective and mindset.


“EXCEPTIONAL” This is the word that comes to mind in reference to your close to our recent sales meeting… You were able to connect your powerful story and tremendous message in a way that made it personal for us and connected to our industry.
SVP Sales, Mercedes-Benz, Germany

You may not know this, but in my 23 years with Investors Group, I have probably listened to hundreds of keynote speakers from all walks of life at various conferences and meetings. I can name but a few of them. Most speakers are good, even excellent, few are memorable. You, Sir, are MEMORABLE.”
Regional Director, Investors Group of Canada

Wow! I have to let you know that everyone was so impressed with how well you knew Nat West and could refer to very relevant company results and comments by some of our leaders. This made your message so meaningful for us. The managers have not stopped talking about you.
National Westminster Bank, UK

We were beyond pleased with your presentation, you exceeded our expectations, blew us away actually!!! Our team loved you and look forward to further engagements together. You did your homework, spoke like a veteran in our industry, made it relevant, engaged us and made it memorable. You’re a rock star!! The standing ovation our group gave you is a rarity and well earned. Safe travels back home and have a great weekend!
Pfizer Pharmaceutical USA

You are a one-of-a-kind speaker. A cut above the rest. The best speaker we have had at these events. A terrific addition to our event. Thank you Sir Charles!
Tim Hortons Corporation, Global

Thank you to Charles Marcus for being an incredible speaker to 150 of our customers at the recent HUB Network event in Portugal. He was a fantastic asset and captivated our audience, they loved hearing his story and hung on to every word during his presentation. It was a real pleasure working with Charles and Julie in the run up to the event. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Charles further and hearing his passion for the industry. Thanks again Charles, we look forward to seeing you again soon.
KAO Corporation, UK & Ireland Division

They say to never meet your childhood heroes, as they will leave you disappointed, but if you discover someone that inspires you as an adult and leaves a lasting impression on you, make sure you keep them in your life. Charles Marcus's leadership influence and generosity in sharing his wisdom and knowledge has had a lasting effect on me. His grace and attitude is contagious and his ability to engage his audience with his story telling gives me tingles.
De Lorenzo Australia

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