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Born in Scotland and brought up in Australia, Christopher Bisset is the newest and most dynamic entertainer in Perth.
Christopher's performance fuses magic, mentalism and hypnosis, thereby creating a mysterious and intriguing environment for his audience.

His unique style of entertainment leaves his audiences, quite literally "spellbound". They are amazed and often unsettled at his ability to manipulate people's thoughts and actions. His performances are a thought provoking and profound experience

Over the past four years Christopher has "mesmerized" and entertained audiences in Las Vegas, L.A ( the famous Magic Castle), Aspen (Doc Eason's Magic Bar), and various venues in the UK.

Christopher is available for corporate functions, private parties, and events. He can adapt to every environment to suit your performance needs, whether it be mingling with your party guests or performing on stage for hundreds of people.

Christopher offers a wide variety of different performances for different occasions.

Stage Performance (30 or 60 minutes)
Christopher is able to entertain hundreds of people with his stage performance. On stage, Christopher combines magic, suggestion, psychology and deception to influence and manipulate peoples thoughts in an exciting and highly entertaining way. He uses these techniques to perform some amazing displays such as:
  • Telling a random stranger about a dream they had last night in extremely accurate detail
  • Making someone believe they have 11 fingers
  • Stopping his pulse and then stopping an audience members pulse!!
  • Performing Russian Roulette (with a chemically sharpened wooden stake) Live on stage!!

  • He achieves these effects and more by fusing the skills of a magician, psychologist and hypnotist into a truly profound and enthralling show.

    Close Up Performance (Ideal for dinner parties and intimate environments)
    Christopher will come to your event and sit with you and your guests in an intimate setting. Here you will be astonished as he performs some world class magic and also touching displays of mind reading that will create a truly magical and memorable experience.

    Roving Magic / Mentalism
    Christopher will mingle with your guests creating a sense of magic and intrigue. He will delight and entertain your guests with magic and then create wonder with some profound mind reading demonstrations.


    Christopher was fantastic and interacted brilliantly with our group both before and during his performance. His performance was seamless and held the attention of the group throughout the entire performance. I would recommend Christopher to any company that was looking for something a little different.
    - Kraft Foods Co.

    It's been two weeks since Christopher unleashed his dynamic entertainment skills to my clients and I am still receiving phone calls congratulating me on an excellent corporate event. He simply blew them away!
    - Formula Cars

    Christopher was absolutely superb! His performances were fun, enjoyable and exciting, yet also intense. He was a great ice-breaker for our function as he gave everyone something weird and wonderful to talk about. No one could stop discussing how he managed to influence people like that. One word...Superb!
    - FutureProof Solutions

    A unique experience! Christopher amazed and impressed all he came into contact with. His level of talent is astonishing. Even the biggest skeptics couldn't believe their eyes. I don't understand how he does what he does. All I know is that it is very impressive and extremely entertaining to watch.
    - The Kangaroo Arms

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