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Chrome's unison precision, elegance and humour have enchanted and bemused audiences around the globe. This athletic trio presents a mobile feast of performance vignettes in using song, dance and instruments. These structured episodes create opportunities for linking improvisations using the audience - which often lead to moments of poignancy or hilarity.
Chrome are as effective with a handful of people as they are with an audience of thousands. Whatever the conditions this group transforms ordinary settings into places of discovery and cultural congress.

Chrome is a trio directed by Tony Strachan and performed by Tony Cogin, Craig Fortey, Paul Wilson and Paul Eastway.

The Sharks
An exploration of Australia's contemporary beach culture. A wry and witty performance encapsulating our obsession with the sun, surf and sand. The Sharks look fantastic when placed next to a 'water' environment.

The Lizards
Inspired by the Australian outback, these three characters glide into public spaces to comment on the geography and nature of this great land. The Lizards are smooth, cool and witty and will always leave any place they've been sunning themselves in complete uproar!

Pink Fit
Men and women alike fall like snow and melt as these charmers sing their songs of love and seduction. This is an interactive threesome who love everyone they meet and will give unsolicited advice on your complexion, hair colour, choice of clothes...even your choice of partner. Incredibly cheeky, these three crooners act as ice-breakers at any event!

The Birds
A work of elegant movement and vocal harmony from a small flock of yellow-bedecked men with aerodynamic headwear. Three performers with the opportunistic streak of seagulls mixed with the cheekiness of parrots as they pursue their audience across piazzas, parks and squares. Unlike the audience for Alfred Hitchcock, Chrome's audience will be laughing as they run.
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