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Claire Madden is a social researcher and Director of Research at the internationally recognised McCrindle Research. Armed with her research methodologies, business acumen and communication skills, Claire effectively bridges the gap between the emerging generations and the business leaders and educators of today. She is a next-gen expert, fluent in the social media, youth culture, and engagement styles of these global generations, and a professional in interpreting what this means for educators, managers and marketers. With academic qualifications in communications and postgraduate studies in leadership, Claire brings robust, research-based content to her engaging presentations and consulting. As a social commentator, she has been interviewed on these topics on prominent television programs Sunrise and The Morning Show, as well as on the radio and in the print media.

Claire has delivered professional development sessions for school and tertiary teachers, given keynote addresses at conferences as well as board room strategy sessions. From conducting training days for corporate and not for profit clients, to addressing students, training rising leaders and facilitating youth panels, Claire is in a unique position to understand the emerging generations and communicate the key engagement strategies.

Additionally, as Director of Research at McCrindle Research, Claire manages research commissioned by some of Australia's largest organisations giving her an informed perspective on the emerging social trends shaping Australia's future.


Generation Z Defined
The 7 key factors of this global generation
Future Proofing Careers
How educators can equip their students to thrive in changing times
Kids, Tweens & Teens
What they like, what they buy, and why

The 7 key factors of this global generation

There are 4.6 million reasons to engage Generation Z, the students of today and university graduates, employees and consumers of tomorrow. They are truly the 21st Century generation, with the whole of their formative years lived in this century. They are sizable, digital, global, visual and social. Their lives are post-lifestage, their learning is post-linear and their careers post-structural. In this session Claire will outline how to best engage with the most formally educated, technologically literate and materially endowed generation in history.

Future Proofing Careers

How educators can equip their students to thrive in changing times.

In this session, Claire will outline the key generational, educational, financial and global trends redefining careers, including:

  • Demographic and workforce changes and emerging sectors
  • Which tertiary courses are growing and what are the new opportunities
  • Global workforce flows and the new global careers
  • Attracting and retaining top talent ? what the best employers look for
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation ? why these characteristics are key for all employees
  • Technology trends and dead-ends ? what you need to know!

Kids, Tweens & Teens

What they like, what they buy, and why

There are more tweens in Australia than there are people in South Australia, and just based on the average pocket money, they spent more than $1 billion per year. And in addition to this, they influence more parental purchasing decisions than any previous generation ever has. This session focuses on what drives today?s children, tweens and teens, and how to best engage with them.

Gen Z at Work

Attracting, retaining, managing & training emerging generations

Over the last couple of years the realities of massive generational change have dawned on many business leaders. While the issues of an ageing population and a new attitude to work have literally been emerging for a generation, it has been a sudden awakening for many organisations. In fact dealing with these demographic changes and specifically recruiting, retaining and managing the new generations has emerged as one of the biggest issues facing employers today. While Generation Z are still largely in the education system and only just beginning to emerge into the workforce, within a decade they will comprise almost 1 in 5 workers.

The What, Why & Where of Social Media

How to connect and communicate with the new generations

There are almost 5 billion Google searches per day and more than 4 billion YouTube views per day. There are 1 billion active Facebook accounts, more than half a million tweets per day and 1 million apps available. In just five years social media has emerged as a massive communication channel.
Understanding how to engage with customers, communities and stakeholders in this new digital landscape is essential for all organisations. As a social researcher, Claire not only shares how to use social media but importantly why people use social media, who uses the various platforms, what works best, and where the trends are taking us.

Next Gen Leadership

Developing emerging leaders & managing multi-generational teams.

With Australians living longer and working later, the workplace today comprises more generations than ever before. Additionally, along with an ageing population we have an ageing workforce and employers have a focus of not just engaging and up-skilling experienced staff but attracting and retaining the emerging generations. In fact over the next decade, the proportion of Baby Boomers in the workforce will halve, while the number of Generation Y and Z workers will more than double. In this session Claire will give an overview of each generation in the workforce and some analysis of their needs and expectations as well as strategies to manage multigenerational teams and develop 21st Century leaders.

Creating an Engaging Culture

Inspiring the next generation of staff, volunteers and teams

In a little over a generation, organisations have been transformed from hierarchical structures to collaborative environments. Similarly, staff and volunteers have moved from long term commitment to valuing variety and frequent change. Therefore it is imperative that leaders are equipped with strategies to build a culture which attracts and inspires, implement leadership which supports and empowers and shapes an organisational climate which produces both productivity and engagement.

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Claire Madden - Speaker Showreel

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Claire Madden Professional Speaker Showreel

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