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Clem Newton-Brown

Australia - Vic

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As a former planning barrister, Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne and Member of Parliament, Clem has a unique insight into how this transport revolution can be realised. His presentation is not about predicting the future - it is about what he is actually doing to create the urban environment to facilitate the biggest change the world has seen since the invention of the motor vehicle.

  • Clem has spent a lifetime around politics, law, planning, cities and pushing the boundaries.
  • He started the first water taxi service on the Yarra River in 1992 and around the same time was getting around on a powered scooter, 25 years before the current trend for micro-mobility.
  • Following service as Deputy Lord Mayor and Member of Parliament, he is now focused on utilising his legal, planning and political skills to help bring about urban aerial mobility in the form of flying taxis.
  • It may seem like an audacious goal but let Clem explain how Melbourne is going to be one of the first cities in the world to get an Uber Air service.


Clem has an articulate, well-informed and entertaining style that kept the audience fully engaged, and was able to deliver a compelling presentation convincing many that future is here already
Greg Tyrrell | Executive Director
Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS)

Clem Newton-Brown speaker

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