Daley Thompson

Daley Thompson was the world's greatest decathlete, so often displaying unparalleled competitive ability.

He was unbeaten at the decathlon for ten years, and won gold medals at Commonwealth, European and World Championships, set a decathlon World Record and won Olympic Gold twice (1980 & 1984).

On retiring from his athletics career Daley played professional football for Mansfield Town FC and has been fitness coach to Wimbledon and Luton FC as well as working with Boris Becker, Tim Henman and the British Davis Cup tennis team.

He was awarded the MBE in 1982, an OBE in 1986 and advanced to CBE in 2000 and was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1982.

Achieving success on the track is not a sole effort - it requires a team effort. A good athlete needs to surround himself with experts - physios, doctors etc - to help them achieve their goals. This analogy can transpose into the workplace where success is dependent on good teamwork.

Using video footage, anecdotes and personal stories Daley shares with the audience how he managed to work on both his strengths and weaknesses to achieve his ultimate goals.
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