Daniel Spencer

Australia - NSW

Daniel Spencer is a keynote presenter, trainer, facilitator and coach, who has been well recognised as an influential leader in the Real Estate industry over the last 17 years.

In addition to coaching and training a number of Australia's most successful real estate agents, Daniel has also run his own real estate and project marketing business achieving great success in tough market conditions.

Having developed and implemented training curriculum for most of Australia's largest real estate brands, McGrath Estate Agents , Raine & Horne and Century 21 to name a few, Daniel believes as the market shifts, so too does the need for a new paradigm in how to approach an ever changing industry.

Daniel has overcome great adversity in his life, being born with a severe illness that saw him choose to have his right leg amputated at the age of 12. Daniel has transitioned from being stuck in a wheelchair and subsequently gaining a lot of weight to someone who lives for every new day. Daniel now run's over 30 km's a week and is a true inspirational figure with personal experience in overcoming life's obstacles.

Presentation Topics

  • Business Development
  • Personal Business Planning
  • Personal Marketing
  • Business Planning & Organisation
  • Hiring Support People
  • Finding, Selecting & Recruiting your team
  • Managing a high performance team
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Real Estate Specific Strategy 
Daniel Spencer speaker

Speaker Video

Vendor Management
Listing Presentations
Buyer Management & Converting Leads to Sales

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