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Danielle Dobson is a powerful speaker who connects with her audience in a relatable, engaging way. She uses her warmth, passion and knowledge to spark curiosity and guide audiences to break the Gender Code, based on societal perceptions of gender roles in relationships, workplaces and communities. Danielle progressed from the corporate world of being a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), to being a personal trainer and Executive coach. Her deep desire to understand why women have difficulty in bringing their full selves to work within the everchanging modern life, guided her research into this issue.

Over 50 interviews, hundreds of conversations, thousands of hours of research and analysis, and one book later she is the undisputed expert of how to navigate the Gender Code to make life, work and being human more rewarding.

Author of Breaking the Gender Code, Danielle has been featured in publications across Australia. Her work with companies around the globe, her ability to single-handedly parent three energetic sons, and her ability to see beneath human facades makes her an incredible coach, intuitive researcher and talented trainer.

Her passion and dedication to share this message and inspire audiences to crack the Gender Code and re-write their own, that make her an extraordinary speaker.

Speaking topics

Create More Balance in Families, Communities, Workplaces & Leadership

Women are stretched emotionally, mentally, financially – as they try to put the needs of everyone around them first, and to do more, with less. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified this issue, with a global study by Deloitte finding that 23% of women are considering leaving the workforce due to the pandemic, 77% of women have had an increased workload due to the pandemic, and 66% said they bear the greatest responsibility for household tasks.

This has combined to create a perfect storm for women’s health and their careers. Crucially, the business world is missing out on the immense benefits of more women in leadership positions.

In this informative and interactive presentation Danielle reveals what’s driving these issues.
She exposes the myths of the millennia and guides her audience through the process of deciphering the code that has been embedded into our culture. The code adhered to in relationships, families, workplaces, community groups and marriages and has become part of our DNA.

It’s a code that is holding women, men, businesses, families and communities back.

You will learn:

  • How the Gender Code is driving unconscious bias and how it is impacting your relationships and your career
  • Why it’s important to break the Gender Code personally and professionally
  • The key steps to writing and executing your own unique code and consistently be in the driver’s seat

Breakdown Perfectionism, Befriend Imposter Syndrome and Know You Belong in the Room.

It’s likely that most high-achieving leaders have experienced imposter syndrome at one time or another. The feeling of inadequacy is experienced by most people, from university students to famous artists and CEOs of global corporations.

Research tells us it is especially common in high-achieving women. It shows up as feelings of being out of depth, not being skilled enough, experienced enough or equal enough to others.

Unfortunately, Imposter syndrome can constrain the potential to progress by preventing people from pursuing new opportunities for growth at work, in relationships, or in communities. This is bad news for leaders, businesses and the people themselves.
In this informative and interactive presentation Danielle reveals that there more to the phenomenon than we think and what leaders and businesses can do to combat it.

You will learn:

  • How societal structures have provided fertile ground for perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome
  • That typical workplace environments have been created according to societal structures and can feed Imposter Syndrome
  • Why it’s important to question if it is a default label to describe what could be a more manageable issue of lack of self-belief and an overactive inner critic?
  • The key steps leaders and businesses can take to support their people and their business to grow and thrive

Stop the Juggling Act & Take Charge of Your Career & Life

Ask any professional working parent how they are, and typically the answer is ‘it’s a juggle’. It’s a tough challenge, for women in particular, to feel like we are doing and being enough in all areas of our life.

The pandemic has exacerbated this issue and the increasing pressure to ‘juggle’ is causing exhaustion, anxiety and burnout. It’s impacting women’s health, their careers and their families. It’s also costing businesses and the world is missing out on the immense benefits of more women in leadership positions.

In this informative and interactive presentation Danielle unpacks the question: what if the work/life juggling goal is an elusive myth? What if the pursuit of it is causing stress, depletion and negatively impacting people’s mental health and performance?

You will learn:

  • How the Gender Code is driving high expectations and increases pressures to perform such as perfectionism, busyness and mental load
  • Why the important first step to stop juggling is to break the Gender Code personally
  • The key steps to improve wellbeing, access more energy and perform at a sustainably higher level in all areas of life
Danielle Dobson speaker

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Danielle Dobson - Speaker Showreel

Danielle Dobson - Speaker Showreel

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