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Super-Impressionist Danny McMaster has taken the entertainment scene by storm with his astonishing repertoire of more than 300, on-the-money characterizations of some of the world's best-known celebrities. Audiences are mesmerized by Danny's remarkable ability to replicate even the most subtle gesture and nuance in his exciting, non-stop performance, which has garnered nationwide critical review.

McMaster is a one-man entertainment phenomenon. He is being hailed as one of the finest in the business today.

Danny's show is a marvelous journey filled with superb music, packed with laughter and seasoned with a hint of drama.

Blessed with a magnificent singing voice, McMaster delivers anywhere between 50 and 70, dead-on impressions set to hilarious lyrics and routines, back-to-back without missing a beat. He keeps the audience in stitches with characterizations of stars such as Bill Cosby explaining cricket to the Americans; Dean Martin musing on drinking as an everyday health hazard; Dr. Phil pontificating that 'there are rules men wish women knew'; politicians from around the world bunking down in the 'Hotel California' and Sean Connery and Michael Caine wishing there were 'A Few More Good Men'.

Danny changes the show to suit the audience, so you never know who'll pop in. You may see Billy Connolly, Sammy Davis Jnr., Jerry Lewis, Richie Benaud, Christopher Walken, Johnny Cash or Robert DeNiro. Bono may sing a song, too, and you may hear from Joe Cocker or Kermit The Frog.

Don't miss Danny McMaster's extraordinary show. It will be an unforgettable evening of entertainment.


Every year Danny performs at Jack Newton's Pro-Am and the atmosphere is so laidback and relaxed. He comes on and we get more relaxed if that's at all possible. His impressions knock me out. And watch out for the "12 Days of Christmas"; it's a classic
- Ray Martin

He did Sammy Davis in full make-up for us once, and all I said was, "Here's Sammy!" He did him perfectly. And for the next week or so people were saying "Was that Sammy or not?
- Daryl Somers

I've seen Danny perform a number of times. It's always surprising what he comes up with. His impressions are so uncanny and different. I have tears in my eyes by the time he finishes.
- Liz Hayes

Danny McMaster is a great performer. He's different. He's fresh. He's relaxed. But don't get me wrong, he knows how to liven up a party. I've seen him pick up a guitar and just entertain a small number of people with stuff I've never actually seen him do before. But he needs to work on his golf... a lot!
- Jack Newton

An exciting entertainer! I first saw him entertaining a black-tie dinner. He did these remarkable impressions. Politicians, TV Stars, movie stars and what have you. Then he started in to some singing impressions and he just blew me away. Tom Jones, Sammy Davis, Miss Piggy you name it. I'd like to hear him sing, just his natural voice. Keep going Danny , you will get even better. Another Australian Superstar in the making
- Alan Jones

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