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Former International Cricket Council Elite Cricket Umpire Darrell Hair is an Australian icon known for his ethics and upholding the spirit of the game. Darrell umpired 78 Test matches, 139 One Day Internationals, and was a full time umpire for ten years.

Darrell is the Managing Director of a Management Consultants, and until recently was the Executive Officer of the NSW Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association, and NSW State Director of Umpiring. He has management experience in the transport industry, is an expert negotiator in the work place, and has experience in Sales Management and below the line marketing. He has considerable experience in managing a sporting organisation, and is a Director of Baseball NSW, with his portfolio including Game Promotion and Umpiring.

Darrell is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and an Australian Sports Commission Accredited Trainer.  Darrell was responsible for assisting with the development of the International Cricket Council's Associate Members Panel. Through Darrell's training, one to one and team coaching of the Panel Members, many of them now regularly umpire international cricket. Darrell coaches umpires in Sydney Grade and Country NSW cricket in technical skills like concentration; and communication skills; dealing with people under pressure; building resilience; assertiveness skills and team building.

Darrell specialises in leadership and people development, motivational events, and coaching people to achieve their potential. He is also an accomplished speaker on business ethics and values and has been making a series of presentations on Integrity and Resilience to the NSW Police Strategic Leadership Program.

Darrell's second book is 'In the Best Interests of the Game'.  It tells his side of the story in some of international cricket's greatest controversies. Darrell is able to talk about the importance of integrity and resilience for managers and public sector leaders, referring to his experiences in international cricket and how he has used those experiences to develop a program to help others to build their personal resilience to bounce back from setbacks in their careers and personal lives.

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