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Lasting impressions matter. Whether you are in leadership, sales, or putting on a conference; the key to your success is how well you are remembered.

So much information assaults our senses every day, with mind-blowing amounts of data at our disposal every second. It has created an increased need to be memorable; the ability to take root in someone's mind has never been more important.

Think about it for a second, if you are a sales agent amongst an army of others, have you truly thought about how you might leave a lasting impression that would lead to the next sale? Perhaps you are a leader who needs their team to move in a specific direction; will they remember what you have requested, and more so, will they care? Lasting impressions matter now more than they ever have?

Darren Hill understands people like few others. A Behavioural Scientist, Darren's study of people has seen him emerge as one of Australia's most authoritative voices on the topic of behavioural dynamics within business.

With an incredibly diverse working background, from abattoir worker to bouncer, pubs to the public service, Darren is truly a speaker who can communicate to both blue-collar and white-collar audiences. Darren's practical and grounded messages about human behaviour are insightful, credible and often very, very funny. Audiences leave knowing more about themselves, and the people they work with. An engaging speaker, and one of the finest facilitators in the country, Darren leaves a lasting impression on any conference, training day or strategic planning workshop. He is simply excellent at what he does, because he goes to great lengths to understand the people he is there for.

Keynotes and Workshops Include:-


Good leadership = good business. By focusing the efforts of your leaders on three key attributes all teams possess, you can shift the collective behaviours of your people to achieve greatness.

Manage pressure - knowing when to dial up pressure or let it off is a core tenet of great leaders

Make Progress - great leaders get clear on their goals, establish rules allowing their teams to flourish, and work hard on feedback

Establish Connection - a team that has each other's backs through the tough times. It's created by trust and touch and driven by a narrative that transcends the team.

THE EDGE EFFECT: Finding success on the brink of uncertainty

Do you sometimes think our business world is moving so fast you'll get motion sickness? If there is one constant in our lives it is change. In fact, Robert Gallagher once said "change is inevitable except from a vending machine". The curious thing is that some species, businesses, and people achieve enormous success in the same change environment where others flounder, and ultimately become extinct. The Edge Effect helps us take a new look at change, the uncertainty that comes with it, and ultimately how we can succeed.

TOUGHEN UP: How to build a bulletproof culture in the face of unrelenting change

The Gen X'ers of your workforce remember the good 'ole days of 5 year change cycles. "If we just get through this, then it'll settle down!" Your Boomers and Veterans might even get misty eyes about the 10 year cycles they've seen early in their careers. That's all a thing of the past. Change is constant and unrelenting...and getting faster. We need to build teams with a resilience to handle this constant buffeting. A tailored keynote, we look at where you are in a change cycle, how much change fatigue exists and map ideas to strengthen your culture.


Darren wrote the book on this topic; literally. As a co-author of best selling Dealing with the Tough Stuff - how to achieve results from key conversations which has been translate into 3 languages, Darren can show you practical skills on how to create a feedback culture for excellence. This can be crafted as a keynote, short workshop or multi-day workshop.

LEAVING LASTING IMPRESSIONS: How to stay memorable once you walk away

Unlock the ways to create an unforgettable experience for others

  • Discover simple methods on how to achieve lasting impressions
  • Identify the difference between a lasting impression and a blasting impression
  • Examine the psychological platforms for being remembered
  • Learn non-verbal nuances for memorable exchanges


Enjoyed Darren very much, moving, interesting & not aggressive or loud. Got message across in a clear moving way.
- CWT (Carlson Wagonlit Travel)

He was fabulous and very touching...an amazing finish.

Loved the emotional connection. Got goosebumps.
- City of Sydney

Calm, simple delivery that left an impression.
- Harvey World Travel

Love the way Darren thinks, amazing knowledge of the inner human (perfect for personal growth)

Darren was able to pitch his presentation perfectly to a discerning management audience. Overall an excellent mix of theory to get you thinking, and practical insights for application in the workplace. Darren was easily one of the most approachable and down to earth speakers to deal with.
- Australian Institute of Management

Darren's presentation at our conference was nothing short of inspiring. Our audience at the conference were highly accomplished Managers, Directors and CEOs within the workers compensation industry. They can be a tough audience, but Darren completely captured them with his gutsy delivery, high energy and the undeniable truth of his message.
- Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

If butchers paper and another round of artificial bonding games leave you cold you should think about talking to Darren. Darren has been a partner in building our team from the ground up. His gift is to help people discover their values and strengths and to match these to their work. He does it plainly but without dumbing things down, engagingly but without gimmicks and has become the invisible but always silently present member of our team. I'd recommend him to anyone.
- Northern Territory Indigenous Policy and Programs

Darren holds your attention and leaves you wanting to hear more
- Village Roadshow

Very thought provoking. Is able to think on his feet & easily adapt. Useful perspectives on leadership & values
- Logan City Council

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Speaker Video

Darren Hill: The Edge Effect

Darren Hill: The Edge Effect

Darren Hill - 5 Minutes with O

Darren Hill - 5 Minutes with O

Darren Hill - 5 Minutes with O Take 2

Darren Hill - 5 Minutes with O Take 2

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