Darren Isenberg

The MC who delivers … keeping delegates engaged and entertained with his warmth, wit and wonderful wordplay.

If you’ve never heard of Darren Isenberg that’s PRECISELY why you should be interested in him.

His popularity has not been based on any fame or celebrity. Rather he is highly sought-after for one reason, and one reason only … because he is absolutely outstanding at being a conference MC.

Corporates love him. Industry Associations love him. Franchise Groups love him. And what's not to love?

He is:

  • low ego
  • high quality
  • easy-going
  • flexible to deal with, and
  • makes the event about the delegates

He conducts extra research of the speakers he introduces, sprinkles their introductions with interesting facts and adds just the right amount of appropriate humour to keep delegates intrigued and energized.

That’s why he has spoken at over one thousand Conferences, Awards Nights, Road Shows and Special Events since he started out in 1995. And many of his clients book him again … and again … sometimes even ensuring Darren is free before setting the date for their event.

His expertise lies in creating a conference room in which delegates learn more and care more. In creating an Awards Night where attendees tune in for more than just the segment involving their Award category.

He writes all of his own scripts after researching the speakers, the client and the industry (and, naturally, includes any key points the client wishes to incorporate). How good does it feel to know your MC will actually save you a mountain of work?

He is an outstanding ad-libber, interviewer, facilitator and moderator.

He can also provide captivating keynotes, facilitate panels and can even design and run team-building activities.

His client list is extensive and impressive … from wealth management to waste management … from health providers to hair salons … franchise groups to industry associations to government services to financial services organisations and everything in-between … 

Darren is one of the few MCs on the circuit who gets repeat work from clients whose policy it is to have a different MC each year!

Speaking topics


The Seven Ways To Improve Your Positive Influence

Presentation Skills

Standing Out When Standing Up

If you are seeking a professional and charming MC who is happy to be part of your event, Darren is the easy and clever choice.


An inspirational MC who goes beyond the call of duty to make it all happen!!!
Happenings Australia (PCO)

Very witty. Very knowledgeable. The perfect MC!
Head Of Private Banking, Westpac

Without question Darren was the best MC I have ever used for a conference. He put a huge amount of preparation into his scripts which continually produced an eruption of laughter and cheers from the audience.
Business Events Organiser, MLC

I’ve sent out evaluation forms to all our franchisees and I’ve already received so many that have rated you a 10. Might I add the rating was only out of 5!
Mr Rental Franchise Group

The perfect MC! He used the right amount of humour at the right time and was a great overall host.
ANZ Institutional Banking

Best MC in the business
Brett Bower, Keynote Speaker

Darren, your professionalism, enthusiasm, humour and ability to read the moment and deliver the right words at precisely the right time left all the attendees unanimously voting you as the best MC to have graced their stage.
Head Of Mobile Lending, ANZ Mobile Lending

Darren was one of the most organised MCs I have come across in my time in events. He brought a fantastic new style to our awards function.
Event Manager, The Professionals Real Estate Awards

Darren, you were the perfect MC. Thanks for making the sessions more interesting and fun, and for bringing the speakers to life.
PCO, Australian Steel Institute

You certainly improve the ROI of any conference or convention that you host.
Chairman/CEO, Kampgrounds Of America

He was received very well ... initially with some surprise as our delegates are not used to humour at financial or government events ... but then they loved him.
Principal Adviser – Communications And Public Relations, Queensland Audit Office

This was the first time we engaged an MC for our conference dinner. After a long day in conference sessions his wit and sense of humour created a great evening for our awards dinner. This enabled me to sit back and enjoy the evening along with everyone else, as I knew we were in good hands, so thank you!
CEO, Waste Management Association Of Australia

You managed to keep our audience alert and energised throughout several intense business sessions. The workshop debrief showcased your interview and facilitation skills, where you made a seemingly difficult task into an easy one using your intelligence, quick wit and intuition.
General Manager, Retail Banking Services, Commonwealth Bank Of Australia

Having you MC our conference was worth every cent and more. You were a “pick me up” for everyone between sessions, very funny, exciting and full of energy.
Event Organiser, Mr Rental

Darren Isenberg is the ultimate MC for a conference. His quick wit and charm mask his highly professional preparation that produces a seemless and integrated experience. Our people felt like Darren was part of our business and knew us very well. It was great to be able to relax and enjoy the conference knowing that we were in safe and funny hands.
General Manager , Retail & Corporate Distribution, Bupa

I must say that you turned what potentially could have been a slightly dull affair into an up-beat, motivational bonanza.
PCO For Commander Communications Franchise Conference

Darren's brief for our event was a combination of MC and facilitator. He switched between both brilliantly and nailed them. And his summary at the end of the conference was perfect and couldn't have been better if we had scripted it ourselves.
Director – Risk Advisory Services, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

You exceeded our expectations in what were a challenging few days where we needed to address the agenda and content issues on the spot. You were with us into the early hours of the morning providing input and advice to make sure we addressed some issues of Day 1 to ensure we delivered an outstanding Day 2 of conferencing - we delivered.
GM, Specialist Businesses, ANZ Retail Distribution, ANZ Mobile Lending

Over the years you really have been an integral part of the success of this event. The Price Attack crowd love you and have really embraced you which is testimony of what a great job you do for them. It is a real pleasure for me to deal with someone who is easy-going but at the same time very professional and accommodating. Makes my job so much easier … one less worry. You put a lot of thought and humour into your scripts, manage any last minute requests and changes with a smile and just keep going. All this combined makes you a stand out.
PCO, Price Attack National Franchise Conference

Thank you for being such an amazing MC! You really did make the whole event, set the tone beautifully and kept everyone entertained right until the very end. The dedication you put in to preparation (especially given how late the information was coming through to you) was amazing and this shone through on the day. You are the only MC we’ll ever use.
Event Manager, Sydney Trains

His witty and energetic introductions created the perfect energy for each speaker and he was even brave enough to provide an extremely humorous introduction to our CEO, which was hugely appreciated. His innate ability to seamlessly knit the sessions together, whilst lifting concentration levels whenever they drifted, certainly had an impact on the success of the conference.
Manager Improvement & Simplification, RBS, Service Delivery & Improvement, Commonwealth Bank

Not only does Darren play the more traditional MC role of keeping things on track and managing the energy levels in the room, but he is also engaged in the messages that each presenter is attempting to land, and creates links back to these throughout the conference. Evidence of this was Darren’s preparation going into conference, where he engaged with all presenters, and was crystal clear on the objectives of each session. Darren is a warm, engaging and witty, and I would highly recommend Darren be considered for your conferencing needs.
Sales Director – Pacific, The Wrigley Company

In the past we have used well-known personalities as MC, often at considerable expense – and, apart from being a well-known face, they are in some instances not particularly good MC's. Darren is a professional at what he does and this shows through. We were also impressed at how flexible he was in his work, being highly approachable and being able to ad-lib and cope with last minute changes. In many ways his witty and well researched interludes, between the various sessions proved to be the highlight for the delegates. We were very impressed with the amount of background work he had done and the way in which he managed to weave his light-hearted comments into the conference content.
Director Of After Sales, Hyundai

Not only was your preparation for the event well beyond our expectations but your handling of the constant schedule changes and some more memorable difficult moments with speakers were handled exceptionally well.
General Manager, Australian Automobile Repair Network

By having you as MC, it brought the entire event up to an entirely new level of professionalism. One of the most impressive things was the amount of research you did to make your MCing role work for this particular industry and the delegates at the event. You did it with style and wit, the likes of which we had not experienced before.
Executive Director, Australian Meat Industry Council

His presentation is full of facts, figures and ideas complimented by his excellent delivery style.
CEO, Hire And Rental Industry Association Of Australia

Darren’s session was first class! A great mixture of content and humour. Delegate, MLC

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Darren Isenberg MC Show Reel

Darren Isenberg MC Show Reel

Ovations - Darren Isenberg Virtual MC Sample

Ovations - Darren Isenberg Virtual MC Sample

Positive Influence Presentation Highlights - Lonsdale 2018

Positive Influence Presentation Highlights - Lonsdale 2018

Darren Isenberg - Your Next Awards Night MC

Darren Isenberg - Your Next Awards Night MC

Seven Ways To Improve Your Positive Influence

Seven Ways To Improve Your Positive Influence

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