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Darryl Pike is recognised as one of the founders of the Australian Financial Services Industry.
In the mid 1970's Darryl pioneered Real Estate Syndicates and First Mortgage Trusts into an unsophisticated investor market which was only used to bank deposit accounts and a market not supported by any form of adviser distribution.

Darryl spent 2 years with Bankers Trust then launched his own national advisory firm in the mid 1980's and was awarded the prestigious Financial Adviser of the Year Award, voted on by his peers, in 1989.

Although qualifying as a civil engineer in the 1960's he has found the transition into property development, investment products and then financial advising a simple one.

He is the author of best selling book "The Apprentice Millionaire", was resident money expert on Channel 10 for 12 months and has had countless radio and TV segments.

Darryl is a consultant to most of the major financial institutions in Australia and conducts regular financial training sessions for executives of companies such as McDonalds, Schwarzkopf Professional, Zurich etc. He is a sought after speaking on the national and international speaking circuit.

Darryl is Executive Director and shareholder in Bridgeport - Advisers & Asset Managers Pty Limited employing 40 people in 3 divisions. Asset Management with over $800 million under management, Superannuation Consulting and Risk Management.

He is also founder and Chairman of "The Business Experience Foundation" a major program to introduce business education, job opportunities and mentors to students in disadvantaged senior schools. The Foundation has the involvement of over 20 national and international companies and the endorsement and support of by State Government. It is now an important part of the school's curriculum.


Darryl's presentations to the industry are about maximising the potential in your business to create greater value at the back end.

He will share the experience and knowledge required to take the 6 vital steps to success, with the ultimate goal. Locking in the right buyer at the right price years before you wish to exit.

How true is the old saying, "You can't see clearly with sweat in your eyes". Many of us spend all of our valuable time working in our business and not on it. Often we don't realise we are building a business which should be serving us and not the reverse. The ultimate goal for all business people is the exit, the closer you are to it, the more important it becomes.

This presentation will give you a valuable insight into how very entrepreneurial business people maximise revenue, capital value and residual income from their financial planning business.
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