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David Berman has been called the "David Suzuki' of Design has been named a high-level advisor with the United Nations on how design can be used to help fulfill the Millennium Development Goals.  He helps local and international audiences align their professional and person values, equips them with strategic skills, and challenges them to apply their professional strengths to help repair the World.

David Berman has over 25 years of experience as an internationally renowned author, expert speaker, facilitator /trainer, designer, communications strategist, typographer and consultant.  His professional work has brought him to over 35 countries in the past few years.

David Berman provides you the power to be better: fresh and easy techniques to get the most important things done well, in alignment with your mission and values. The combination of his inspiration and techniques motivate people to create unique and ecologically-responsible strategy, events, branding, design, ethics, and communications solutions. He shares knowledge and experience one-on-one or through keynote speeches and seminars given around the World.

David's recent best-selling book, 'Do Good Design; How Design Can Change the World', is now available in 4 languages.

The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada named David a Fellow for his eco-friendly Code of Ethics. David was later elected V.P. Ethics of the Society, and since has served as Ethics Chair. He became a Vice-President of Icograda, the World body for graphic design, which organizes global conferences.

His clients include IBM, International Space Station, World Bank, Norwegian Design Council, the Aga Khan Foundation, Environment Canada, Health Canada, Parks Canada, Statistics Canada, Treasury Board and others.  David's work includes award-winning projects in the application of plain language, custom typeface design, and the development of a system to republish the laws of Canada in plain writing and design.

David provides you the power to be better: fresh and easy techniques to get the right things done well, in alignment with your mission and values.

Stylish by nature and profession, this infectiously enthusiastic personality will equip you with knowledge you?ll value, and the desire to implement it.

Weapons of Mass Deception:
Design and Social Responsibility
7 Habits of Highly Effective Web Sites:
Web Strategy and Design
Designing Your Life:
Strategic Time Management


David is an extraordinary speaker - make him a regular. He deals in reality and not make-believe.
- Executive Promotions

I found great resonance with your ideas. I've sent copies of Do Good Design to a number of friends.
- Vice President, Google

It's about time that a creative professional with tons of business experience and great personal presence is educating the industry.
- Eyewire, Calgary AB

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