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David Koutsoukis is a leadership philosopher, educator and keynote speaker who shows leaders how to clarify and achieve their personal and business objectives through Intelligent Leadership.

His Intelligent Leadership model serves as a framework for his programs, presentations and resources that show leaders how to:

  • Make wise decisions
  • Inspire and motivate their people
  • Maximise team performance for optimum results
  • Keep themselves energised and motivated
  • Create positive energy.

David's unique presentations tap into his Greek heritage and use wisdom and metaphors from ancient Greek history, philosophy and mythology. They are full of practical tools and 'plug-and-play' strategies leaders can use right away. Stunning visual imagery and compelling stories reinforce key leadership messages and make his presentations memorable, enjoyable and effective. Post-presentation consolidation programs and resources are available to help embed and reinforce key concepts.

David is a recognised thought leader and skilled practitioner in the area of leading people. He has spent more than 20 years exploring the art and science of leadership  - from his early working life as an outdoor adventure and leadership instructor, through team leader and management roles, to his time now as a leadership speaker and educator. David is also a hands-on businessman who practices what he preaches as a director of a number of companies, and as the National President of the National Speakers Association of Australia.

David has the CSP designation (the highest international accreditation for speakers worldwide), has twice been named Western Australian Speaker of the Year, and has presented at seminars, workshops and conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the USA. He has worked with over 300 organisations across four continents including Woodside Energy, BHP Billeton Iron Ore, Alcoa, HBOS, Diageo and Wesfarmers, and is a regular presenter for the Masters of Business and Leadership program at the Curtin University Graduate School of Business. David has a proven track record in building positive team environments including one company he helped take from a staff turnover rate of over 45% to less than 5% in a 12-month period. He has also written more than 20 books including 'Why you click with some people and others drive you crazy!' and is a founding director of Click! Colours International - a HR training and resource development company.

David Koutsoukis brings energy to conference programs and results to business. His presentations are built on the foundations of successful leadership experience and deliver intrigue, fun and intellectual rigor.


Leadership is all Greek to me! Ancient Wisdom - Modern Leadership

A great challenge for leaders is 'How can I maximize the performance of my team whilst getting the best return-on-investment for my time and mental energy?'

Intelligent leaders maximize team performance and conserve mental energy by empowering their people to think effectively- so that they have good judgment, make wise decisions and take intelligent action, without constant supervision. In order to think effectively we need wisdom - a deep understanding of people, things and situations and wisdom comes through knowledge, higher order thinking and calmness. Ancient Greek philosophers were seekers of wisdom, and Plato ran a school of philosophy called The Academy. This presentation will show you how to create your own Academy Team that encourages your people to be lovers of learning and seekers of wisdom. It articulates a formula for Intelligent Leadership that will empower your people to think effectively and have good judgment, make wise decisions and take intelligent action. This keynote delivers a great mix of intrigue, fun and intellectual rigor - and reveals why ancient wisdom may just be the critical success factor for modern leadership.

The Power of Pericles: How to lead so they will follow.

A great challenge for many leaders is 'How can I persuade and influence my people more effectively?'

The ability to persuade and influence through words and actions is an essential attribute for effective leadership, and throughout history great leaders have demonstrated this ability. This intriguing presentation examines the words, deeds and actions of ancient Athens greatest and longest serving democratic leader, Pericles, and reveals a pattern of behaviour that serves as a template for exceptional leadership. It will also reveal the secret techniques used by Pericles and other ancient Greek orators to win debates, and relate these to the context of a modern leader. Pericles was the leader of Athens for three decades during it's 'Golden Age' in the fifth century BC when art, philosophy and architecture flourished. This presentation will give you a formula for People Leadership that will help you persuade and influence more effectively, and enable you to create your own 'Golden Age' for your team - where productivity, performance and profit will flourish.

Kefi - The Power of Positive Energy

A great challenge for many leaders is 'How can I get my people to be positive and enthusiastic?'

Kefi is a Greek word that means 'zest for life'. Most would agree that kefi is a desirable attribute for leaders and employees, but few would know the science behind the benefits of it. This presentation articulates the importance of developing positive mindsets in organisations and reveals a new field of study that explains the contagion effect of positive and negative emotions. Importantly, it will show you how to develop kefi and how to snap out of bad moods when the 'dark shadow' of negativity appears. It will also give you strategies to boost kefi in your workplace and create a power field of positive energy that will boost relationships and results. This fascinating, fun and high-energy keynote will give your audience a huge dose of kefi and show you how to harness the power of positivity, enthusiasm and passion. Opa!


David's exuberance, innovative approach and engaging manner with which he connects to the audience are exemplary - a truly sensational learning experience!
- National Conference and Congress Executive, CPA Australia

Feedback from conference delegates was extremely positive and indicated that your keynote presentation was fresh and inspiring, while practical at the same time.
- CEO, Australian Hotels Association

The ROI for our team development process facilitated by David Koutsoukis has been outstanding. In the 12 month period since the team building retreat, and the implementation of the Positive Team Culture Program, our staff turnover rate has reduced from over 45% to less than 5%. Morale and teamwork has improved and there is a real sense of optimism among team members.
- Senior Principal Sustainability, URS Corporation

David has brought a new and refreshing dimension to learning. He has a way of immersing participants so that a lot of learning takes place in a fun way.
- Managing Director, Petronas Management Training, Malaysia

David provided an excellent night of events, and kept us entertained for the whole night. He was genuinely very funny, and the various team building activities he organised on and off the bus managed to keep the laughs going for the entire trip - which is not always an easy task given that politicians can be an exceptionally tough audience."
- Colin Barnett, Premier Western Australia

The wonderful keynote presentation at our annual conference was so entertaining and informative. It is great the way you make learning so much fun. Keep up the good work!
- Conference Organiser, Centre for Rural and Remote Medicine

Your approach to presenting is so unusually effective, and your affection for Indonesian people is so apparent, that you have an energizing benefit to all with whom you come in contact.
- CEO, Australian Institute for International Learning

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