David Penglase is a behavioural scientist, author and award-winning conference keynote speaker who inspires, entertains and helps top tier corporate audiences to harness the power of intention and trust to positively impact their professional and personal success.

Trust is the new currency of success in business and David shares the latest in evidence-based research (without all the academic jargon), to help audiences develop the confidence required for self-trust, the courage required to trust others and the combined character, competence and consistency required to earn others trust.

Tailoring every conference keynote presentation for his clients, David is in high demand for conferences themed around Sales, Customer Experience, Leadership, Positivity, Disruption and Success.

Inducted into Australia's Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, David travels nationally and internationally, working with top tier corporations and associations to deliver his high-energy, high-content and entertaining presentations, that wow audiences, shift mindsets and change behaviours.

Supporting over two decades of conference speaking experience, David has degrees in Business and the Psychology of Adult Learning, an MBA, a Master Degree in Professional Ethics, and a Master of Science degree in Applied Positive Psychology.

He is the author of the Amazon best-seller Intentionomics - the impact of our intentions on living happy, flourishing and prosperous lives, and his latest book is The Art & Science of Building Customer Trust - How to fast-track trust and earn new, repeat and referral business.

David Penglase talks about:

  1. Sales - How to fast-track trust in disruptive and competitive markets to win more new, repeat and referral clients
  2. Customer Experience - The Art and Science of Building Customer Trust: How to create a culture of customer-obsession to deliver exceptional customer experiences
  3. Leadership - The Art and Science of Building Leadership Trust: How to lead with more clarity, character and integrity where your business thrives and your people flourish.
  4. Individual / Team Motivation / Inspiration - The Art and Science of Building Intentional Trust Relationships: How to develop more confidence for self-trust, more courage to trust others and more competence and character to earn others' trust.

Speaking topics

The power of clarity!

How to manage the overwhelm of disruption with ease.

A high energy and entertaining keynote packed full of practical positive psychology strategie to inspire and equip you and your team to manage disruption, defeat overwhelm and achieve more!

  • Manage the overwhelm of disruption with more ease
  • Create a clearer vision and more flexible goals
  • Make more confident choices, decisions and actions
  • Embrace responsibility for goal achievement success
  • Fast-track trust for stronger, more valuable relationships


Be more mindful, in more moments that matter, more often

In this presentation audience members get to reflect on how their past can precondition the way they think, feel and act today. They’ll learn proven skills to pattern interrupt the noise of compounding disruption and how to proactively manage any feelings of overwhelm – a major source of stress and failure in the workplace. Most importantly, they will learn how to develop the following 5 scientifically evidenced and essential keys to unlocking the POWER OF CLARITY in their professional and personal lives:

  • Autonomy – aligning their decisions and actions with responsibility and accountability
  • Relatedness and trust – earning, building and maintaining trusted relationships
  • Competence – inspecting habits of success, professional and personal strengths growth
  • Meaning – building intrinsic motivation through value-driven work, relationships and purpose
  • Accomplishment – celebrating progress with clear vision and flexible goals

The audience experience

Audience members leave energised, entertained, inspired and equipped to practically take back control of whatever area of their professional or personal lives that are suffering from overwhelm, and with clarity, take intentional and positive action toward goal achievement.

For leaders:

Aspirational Leadership Starts With Trust

How to lead in a world of disruption, distraction and change!

The overarching theme of this presentation is that leadership is a privilege, not just a position. Exploring the three levels of trust that science validates are required for truly aspirational leadership (self-trust, trust in others, and earning others trust), this presentation will equip and inspire your leadership team with the confidence, courage, competence and character to proactively manage disruption, distraction and change, and create work environments where:

  • their goals are achieved,
  • their business thrives and
  • their people flourish.

For salespeople

Selling In The Age of Information Overload  - The Art & Science of Intentional Selling!

The overarching theme of this presentation is that selling is a science, but the top achievers turn it into an art. In an age of information overload, customers need clarity and advice... not more information! Salespeople today need to fast-track their capacity to build and maintain trust with their clients. This presentation will provide your sales team with evidence-based research, tips and strategies they will be proud to implement, and that will lead to:

  •  more new business,
  • more repeat sales and
  • more referral clients.

For customer engagement

Creating Outstanding Customer Experiences

Why your intentions are the new currency for success !

The overarching theme of this presentation is that People Get Your Truth! Your customers have more choice than ever before. Expert product knowledge is now almost a commodity - information is now freely available to all via the internet. In this presentation David provides the tips, tools, process and strategies to create the mindset and approach required to deliver outstanding customer experiences that will result in:

  • increased customer loyalty and retention
  • engaged and inspired service providers
  • more profitable transactions

For self-mastery

Developing The Positivity Mindset.

Why positivity impacts every success measure of professional and personal life!

The overarching theme of this presentation is that positivity broadens and builds potential! This presentation provides a blueprint on how anyone can personally manage in times of disruption, distraction and change. In a high energy and entertaining presentation, David teaches the latest evidence-based actions that boost positivity and result in goal achievement by guiding audience members on how positivity impacts their:

  •  mindset
  • competency and
  • resourcefulness


David's presentation was brilliant. He listened to our brief and delivered it just the way we wanted. I was glued to it! I couldn't have asked for a better delivery.
- Managing Director, Spanline Australia

Nailed it! Such a stimulating, thought provoking, and professionally conducted [virtual] session. We were extremely pleased... and appreciated you going above and beyond to stabilise your connection.
- Local Area Brand Consultant, Spanline

Delegates warmed to David tremendously well - he received excellent feedback
- Travelscene

I am privileged to meet and hear some of this country's most prominent guest speakers. I have to say that few, if any, were able to match the style, delivery and impact of David's presentation.
- Public Relations ' Advertising Manager, AM Club, Sydney

The workshops were presented in the exceptional manner that we have come to expect from David; energetic, participative, motivating, yet practical.
- Senior Manager Training, Colonial State Bank

David is without doubt an exceptional public speaker who captivates his audiences with wonderful mixtures of reality and analogies to demonstrate and emphasise the subject on hand.
- Managing Director, Newell Australia

David is extremely knowledgeable and his style of presentation is amongst the best I have ever seen.
- General Manager, Crane Distribution

I hope I have already passed on to you how amazing your presentation was and how well received it was by all participants at the conference.
- Human Resource Manager, Wella Australia

David was outstanding - funny, motivational, well read and informed. He's definitely challenged me to think and improve in many ways.
- Senior Consultant, TMP Worldwide

Excellent presenter, very passionate speaker. I felt challenged and will now go back to the workplace putting it all into practice.
- Senior Account Manager, Janssen Cilag

Well, what a day Tuesday was. Fantastic can only describe the feelings of everyone. The impact you had in 45 minutes was nothing short of exhilarating, everyone wants to hear more.
- Managing Director, Materials Cost Management P/L

One of the advisers at the Sydney event had just spent the weekend at an Anthony Robbins event and commented to me that he got more value out of your 45 minute presentation, which is a great reflection on the power of your presentation!
- Head of National Accounts, CommInsure

David Penglase was a fantastic speaker at a recent LJ Hooker Franchise Meeting where he encouraged many delegates to challenge their way of thinking, review their principles and strategies plus take stock of their truth. As our keynote speaker, David was engaging, motivational and entertaining. The feedback we received was more than positive and we were impressed with how his presentation was tailored to our personal needs.Network Performance Coodinator - L J Hooker
- Network Performance Coordinator LJ Hooker

David Penglase speaker

Speaker Video

Why and How Intention and Trust Impact Success

Why and How Intention and Trust Impact Success

Keynote Speaker
David Penglase Building Self Trust Topic Video
Building Customer Trust Topic Video

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