David Simpson

David is passionate about finding and developing the 'best of' patterns of behaviours in organisations.  With over twenty-five years experience (including two years in South East Asia) as a professional trainer, presenter, facilitator, coach, manager and leader, David has led a wide range of learning and organisational development interventions and projects across public, commercial, educational and not for profit organisations.  Enabling the development of leadership and resilience at all levels in organisations have been integral to many of these assignments.  

David has implemented effective third party interventions to both prevent and resolve disputes within many teams and organisations including mediation. Many of the interventions have not only resulted in resolution of the dispute, but also an effective, ongoing learning relationship between the parties. The maintenance of trust and confidentiality has been fundamental to these interventions. In delivering leadership and workplace management programmes, David emphasises many potential disputes may be resolved through early intervention, transparency and where necessary, assertiveness.  All David's programs are based on the skills and confidence to achieve these outcomes.

As a professional facilitator/trainer, David continually seeks to evaluate his own performance as part of his commitment to maintaining his effectiveness and identifying opportunities for development and new ideas.  Participants consistently rate David as an excellent and highly effective presenter and coach.

Demonstrating the breadth of David's experience and industry exposure in the delivery of one day leadership programs, multi-day residential leadership programs and leadership executive coaching, a cross section of clients includes; ANZ Banking Corporation (desktop global services); Jeppesen; ACT Academy of Sport; ACT Fire Brigade; Department of Infrastructure and Transport; Australian Defence College; Australian Maritime Safety Authority; Australian War Memorial; BOC Gases; BP; Reliance Petroleum; Exxon/Esso; Expeditors International; National Archives of Australia; University of Canberra; CEA Technologies; Cycling Australia; Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy; Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry; Australian Quarrantine Inspection Service; Country Energy; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; Fricker Group of Companies; Grain Research and Development Corporation; AusIndustry; Migrant and Refugee Settlement Service; InTACT; National Portrait Gallery; Department of Families, Housing, Austrlian Public Service Commission; Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

David has also specifically delivered one day leadership programs on behalf of other providers including Exceptional People, Major Training Systems, Outdoor Insights, Project Outcomes, Apis Consulting, University of Canberra and Defence.

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