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David Staughton CSP is an Award-winning businessman & speaker who is an expert at growing Smaller businesses, Associations and Groups of businesses.

A walking library of “hands-on” business experiences, he inspires audiences with his funny & memorable stories, passion and enthusiasm for Smaller businesses.

David has over 30 years “Hands-on” experience in a broad range of industries including mining, retailing, hospitality, tourism, health and business consulting.

As a best-selling author and expert, David has contributed to books on Sales, Small Business and most recently The VIP Principle – about the long-term business benefits of systems and continuous improvement.

Dave is a highly entertaining speaker and has been performing in front of an audience for over 20 years. As an experienced International Keynote Speaker he has presented to over 750 Audiences in 10 different Countries.

In 2017 Dave was awarded the Nevin Award, the most prestigious award presented by Professional Speakers Australia – the peak association for Conference Speakers in Australia.

Speaking topics

Growing Income In A Slump – Overcoming Slumps & Downturns

All businesses have ups & downs – cycles of busier & quieter times.

Especially regional areas and seasonal industries where demand fluctuates annually.

For some industries and locations this can result in BIG cashflow fluctuations and shifts in mood & team engagement.

David Staughton is an Expert in Seasonal Sales, overcoming sales slumps & how to be FULL All Year Round. He knows how to GROW in Turbulent & Tough Times.

  • Adopt a Growth Mindset to fill up your quieter times and off season
  • Learn how to attract more customers in a downturn
  • Discover how other businesses mastered seasonality & have sold more in quiet times
  • Tips for Managing your Money Flows and Lows in turbulent times

Growth Opportunities – Survive the Crisis & Prepare for What’s Next

This entertaining presentation demonstrates how to use a changing marketplace to your advantage and use it as an opportunity to increase market share and attract more new customers.

Hear how David’s proven tools and techniques can help your business find more opportunities in a rapidly disrupting marketplace.

  • Be inspired to GROW your business in ANY market conditions
  • Discover your NEW customers and buyers – latest trends in Demographics, Lifestyle, Immigration and Customer Communication channels
  • Appealing to your customers of the FUTURE – younger generations, singles, female friendly, tech-savvy and rising ethnic markets
  • Find out about new Technologies & Tools that can help you attract more customers on different channels now and in future

Leading In Tough Times – Building A Turnaround Team

Growing Leaders

Recruiting The Right people can be the best investment you ever make. You can build a highly productive & motivated team to help your business outperform and grow in a turbulent & disrupting marketplace.

This highly practical presentation is based on REAL experiences across many industries.

You’ll find out what other successful organisations are doing to build a more effective & sustainable team. Discover great tools, technologies & techniques that you can use for best-practice teambuilding.

During this interactive and fun session we’ll cover:

  • The keys to attracting, selecting, inducting and retaining better people
  • Three essential strategies of successful leaders and coaches
  • How to inspire, motivate and reward your people
  • The secrets of a more systemised approach to building your team
David Staughton speaker

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