Desi Williamson

You'll be a star when you invite Desi to speak at your next event! His fast-paced programs, customized for your organization, inspire individuals to take action -- and give them the tools they need to do so.

With Desi, you'll get a fun, energetic program filled with content. And best of all, your organization will see an immediate increase in productivity! His high-impact programs are based on 20 years on the front line in sales, management and marketing; building multi-million dollar businesses; managing multi-million dollar budgets; and developing people potential at powerhouse corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Johnson Wax, Rain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing, and PepsiCo.

Desi doesn't give book reports! He's developed his own successful businesses in real estate, marketing, and distribution; led both union and exempt employee organizations; and has executed major marketing initiatives. That means you'll get concrete ideas and solutions from someone who has been "in the trenches." He'll challenge and empower your audience to overcome obstacles and achieve goals
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