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Don Ardell

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Donald B. Ardell, Ph.D., is an urban planner who wrote High Level Wellness: An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Disease in 1977, a landmark work that helped shape the wellness movement, particularly at the workplace and in the health care system.
Don is entertaining, groundbreaking, outrageous and delightful. His lectures inform, motivate, entertain and change lifestyles! His varied "opening act" costumes range from an anatomically correct bodysuit to a "professor wellness" outfit to a burka! Really. The latter comes off after Don reaches the podium, whereupon he urges everyone to "cast off your burkas-or anything that might be inhibiting you from evolving into the "wellest, most effective and fulfilled person you can become." It's a great show - and no one knows more about the wellness concept.

Don recently ran for mayor of Tampa as "the oldest, fittest, fastest and prettiest of all the candidates" on a "well city" that would be "fit, functional, free and fun." (He won in every respect save getting the most votes.) In 2004, he did win something else--his age group in both the duathlon national championship (8/8, Alphraetta, GA) and the national triathlon championship (9/18, Shreveport, LA).

Don demonstrates that normalcy and moderation are health risks-and offers specific, positive, life-enhancing alternatives to muddling through life.

  • The implications of an aging workforce - and how to position yourself to age without getting old prematurely! (Aging is unavoidable; getting old prematurely is a choice.)

  • Why you should never retire- the payoffs of eccentricity, self-employment and lifestyle artistry. (No One Lives Forever But It's Worth A Try!)

  • Self-Management Skills for Success in Business

  • The Role of Humor and Play in A Wonderful Life

  • 14 Steps to Wellness

  • How to Design Low Stress/High Energy Schools and Communities
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