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When you want your organisation to thrive, when you want your brand to become iconic, when you insist on owning your industry, there is no alternative:

Douglas Kruger helps you to position yourself so that the business comes to you. He is an internationally renowned speaker and business author, who is passionate about growing brands, equipping sales teams and creating thought-leaders.

Douglas is the author of 3 business books, including the highly acclaimed "Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert," with Penguin Books. A multiple award-winning speaker, his clients include senior management and sales teams at companies like BMW, Liberty, and HP.

Douglas speaks globally on how businesses and brands can compete by innovating and by positioning themselves as industry experts. He unpacks the Rules of Hamster-Thinking that hamstring corporate companies and he shows you how to develop talent. He trains top execs and sales teams in how to present more effectively and win new business. He is an advocate for Personal Excellence.

Douglas's thought-leadership ideas have been featured on CNBC Africa and he has written for Forbes and Entrepreneur. His new book on business innovation will be launched early 2015.

Douglas Kruger is changing mindsets, creating experts, and building brands, one team at a time!


1. OWN YOUR INDUSTRY - Get the market to come to you Are you a 'category of 1'? When clients spend into your industry, are you the only logical choice? Becoming an iconic brand name is worth a great deal of equity. Based on Douglas's new book with Penguin, this presentation shows how you and your brand can become known as the icon, the expert, the thought-leader in your industry. Grow your business: Be the guru and your market will come to you. Own a cause and you will create tribes of believing followers. Become the only logical choice and you will be consistently recommended. Here's how. Available as a keynote presentation or training workshop. See Douglas speak about this topic in a TV interview:

2. RELENTLESSLY RELEVANT! Create a culture of innovation and out-pace your competitors SA consumers no longer care about 'legacy.' Equally, they are not very interested in a brand's 'future prospects.' The strongest market response today is to 'How are you currently innovating into my reality?' So are you? And are you communicating that innovation successfully? Innovation isn't a mystery. And it isn't limited to high-tech companies, or to the marketing department. Everyone in your company can innovate, if they understand the governing principles, and you promote the culture. Based on Douglas's newest book, due from Penguin in 2015, Douglas will guide your leaders in how to innovate in their immediate scenarios and in the market, working from the DNA of the brand outward. Learn which techniques promote growth and which destroy brands. Be the brand that leads the way. Available as a keynote presentation or training workshop.

3. THE OVER-ACHIEVER'S ROADMAP: Where there is excellence, the odds are unimportant Oprah once called 'excellence' the best argument to racism. In fact, it is the best argument to most challenges in life. Excellence is the key that opens all doors and super-achievers make their own luck. Be the kind of person for whom the odds do not apply. Learn the principles and drivers of personal excellence and encourage your people to own their fate, apply their talent and show their excellence. Remember: You are not separated from your goals by a number of years. You are separated from your goals by a number of actions.

4. TALENT - How leaders grow or crush it 5 Non-negotiable ingredients for developing Talent. Learn how geniuses think, how to break through performance thresholds and how your leaders encourage or crush the talent around them. Discover how talent-development strengthens your leaders and sales teams. Available as a keynote presentation or training workshop.

TRAINING: THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF EFFECTIVE PRESENTING - Win business, inspire confidence Bad pitches lose business. Poor presentations undermine leadership. Industry reputations are established, or undone, from the front of the room. Are your leaders and sales teams equipped to portray the right impressions? If your actual brand is the experience customers and stakeholders have of your people, they should know how to hold their own when they stand to speak. Allow Douglas Kruger, 5 x winner of the SA Public Speaking Championships, to hone their abilities. Available as a keynote presentation or training workshop.

- Get up to date with the latest concepts around branding and innovation. See how leading brands use these principles and how they retain brand-integrity in the face of change. Discover which familiar brands are doing it wrong and are unknowingly headed for disaster.

- Discover opportunities to innovate within your immediate environment. Learn where the levers for your growth are located.

- Benefit from the kind of no-compromise approach that your leaders need to hear if you insist on being 'first-in-category.'

- Spur creative thinking at the highest levels. Get buy-in for bold ideas and have your leaders speaking the same language.

- Learn complex growth principles, delivered with humour and packaged in an easy-to-grasp, entertaining format.




Douglas is phenomenal. He has great expertise, is very result oriented, and also knows what it takes for organizations and people to change. His experience in speaking publicly and his Hamster's approach is so interesting. Douglas's understanding of processes, in particular - how to make things happen as productively as possible and what needs to be delivered at each stage - has been very valuable to us at the congress.
- 1st International Congress of Human Resources Convenor, Mozambique

Professional yet thoroughly entertaining. He kept the group spellbound from start to finish and I was personally very disappointed when he was done and it was time for him to leave as I had barely felt the time fly by and could have spent the rest of the afternoon listening to him!
- Training Adminstrator, Spar Group

Douglas has got all the qualities of a superb speaker: credibility, integrity, and obviously a very good presentation.
- Chairman, Anglo American Chairman's Fund

Douglas demonstrated what makes him one of the best public speakers in South Africa. His strength of character and powerful use of the English language were motivating.
- ABSA newsletter

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