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Interactive drumming creates unity in minutes. Quite simply, we bring people together. How we do it... well that?s the fun part!

With a team of professional musicians and a drum for each participant, Drum Circle Events facilitates a truly memorable, interactive musical experience. Before delegates arrive we set out on each individual chair, a traditional hand carved African Djembe drum.

The rhythm and pulse fills the airspace... the doors swing open and delegates enter. Picking up their drums in order to sit down, the group is immediately engaged. The introduction to the drum circle is completely non-verbal with our Facilitator orchestrating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Before long participants are singing, dancing and laughing together. United, uplifted and inspired!

Drum Circle Events caters for any group size with Interactive Drumming and Music Programs tailored to fit each event, perfect for:

  • Conferences
  • Team Building
  • Exhibitions
  • Office Parties
  • Product Launches
  • Incentives
  • Road Shows
  • Special Events

Presentation Topics

As an alternative to drumming, Drum Circle Events offers many other interactive music making sessions. From team building and leadership sessions to pure fun and interactive entertainment, contact us today to discuss which options best suit your event.

The Interactive Drum Circle:
Taking the concept of a band or an orchestra, our facilitation sees each individual or group playing their unique part, yet working in harmony together to create a fantastic musical piece. This gives delegates a tangible understanding of working together as a team, possibly the most crucial element of corporate team building. It becomes evident in the drum circle that the whole truly is greater than the sum of the parts.

The Groove Tube Session:
They may sound funny, but Groove Tubes act as a catalyst for groups coming together and appreciating each other's functions in a greater soundscape. Colored groupings of 'Groove Tube' instruments producing different notes allows for melodic cross rhythm exploration and mini team performances. Both an excellent team building and leadership activity, offered as a stand alone session or combined with drumming.

Click Clap Interact:
Can't find the time to bring participant drums in? Bursting into your event space with strapped on instruments, our facilitators conduct your audience through clicking and clapping, cross rhythms, singing, call and response and body percussion! The emphasis here is fun, color and just a little humility!



It was really was well received and set an up-beat theme and a level of trust in the group. It had an underlying theme of stop, listen breathe... and then join the beat harmoniously. The group had to watch and listen to beats to get instructions - and by the end of the session you wouldn't know we weren't part of the band. Every session of the day that rolled from this was a success, and I'm sure the drum cafe set us up totally for success!
- Commonwealth Bank

The session went very well, we all enjoyed ourselves. In particular, Maxine communicated exactly the message I wanted to get across!"
- Boehringer-Ingelheim

If you're looking for a different entertainment solution for your next function that's fun and creative, you can't go past The Drum Cafe. Thank you for making our event truly memorable. Highly recommended!
- Macquarie Bank

Our objective of bringing our newly formed team together was realised with the drumming activity, it was high in energy (perfect for post lunch timing) and fun, it really took some out of their comfort zone and it was great to see by the end of the activity no one was too shy to get up in the middle of the group and dance around with the tamborine, a fantastic ice breaker activity.
- Silcar

We had a very positive event and your segment over our conference dinner was extremely well received. It is referred to often
- John Fairfax Holding Limited

The Drum Cafe did a superb job of energizing and motivating our sales staff. I'd love to be involved in another session!
- Reed Business Information

The Drum Cafe was perfect !! Woke us all up and got us invigorated for the day ahead. It was amazing how "team" can work together without any verbal communication !! Thanks to everyone, I'll certainly recommend you in the future !!!!
- BP

Everyone had so much fun during the drumming event. An excellent way to reinvigorate everyone after lunch!
- Unilever

We were invigorated by the experience, the hour flew by and we wished it would have gone on longer.
- Microsoft

I cannot stress how amazing this experience was.
- Schlumberger Limited

The organization of the event was very prompt and easy, it was all done before I even had the chance to blink!
- National Australia Bank

I think the event tied in brilliantly with our themes of collaboration and diversity. The music brought this concept alive in a very unique way. Also, seeing a group of grown men being so uninhibited in their enjoyment was very refreshing.
- John Holland Group

It has broken the ice with people who were unsure of what we are asking them to do in the committees that were formed that day. The drumming helped them relax and get to know each other which made the remainder of the day when we got into the serious business much easier.
- Victoria University

The event was a perfect break during the day. It gave the group new energy to deal with the work they had to do afterwards. It was an hour full over laughter and energy.

Everyone got to see each other from a more light hearted and fun way.
- Bakers Delight

Just wanted to let you know how amazing your team and the drum workshop itself was! Truly made the day an exceptional one. Your team were a pleasure to deal with and the client and guests all loved the experience.
- Think Creative Event Communications

We all had a blast! I was a little worried that some weren't going to be into it as others, but I was wrong! It was great to see everyone get up and have a boogie, especially the managers!
- AGL Energy

It was all about working together as a group which is exactly what we were after. we are all still talking about it!

I have to say the event was wonderfully done! A highly recommendable team activity for sure!
- Microsoft

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