The definition of a star is someone that can shine and shed shining light upon all.

Who better then to MC and important event, to facilitate any given situation, to participate in a debate or hypothetical or to be an inspirational motivational speaker,  than a megastar like Effie.

Everyone thinks that they can MC an evening but few really can. If you want your night to start off with a bang, not lag in the middle and to end on the biggest high then she's your girl.

20 years of experience and testimonials proves that over and over for this Logie Award winner.  'Wogs out Of Work' was the beginning of the love affair with my fans.

'Acropolis Now' on TV gave the public, free and consistent access to the freakishly stunning architecture that is Effie.

'Waiting for Effie' my one-woman stage show was an intimate, brave and absolutely classic offering.

With chords like mine singing was always an option. Norman Gunston called and we recorded 'Amigos Para Siempre' which went top 20 on the Aria charts.

Due to the highs vocally I was able to achieve I find that dogs are still following me wherever I go.

My brain came good a couple of years back on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' allowing me to win 64,000 big bananas.

I hosted my own show on TV - with my family called 'Greeks On The Roof'. The words skilled, stunning and articulate icon were thrown around.

After "Effie's Guide to Being Upyourself" was published the corporate and public world saw the unique and unforgettable asset that Effie is when it comes to communication and motivation.

This comical and unforgettable thesis in self-esteem shows the world what's possible for any individual. It brings a fresh perspective and philosophy that will inspire and uplift the minds of all.

Whether your stars are big or small, few or hundreds, acknowledged or not yet fully realised she will effortlessly galvanise them.

Where she is concerned there are no fear of heights.

Whatever your theme or objective is Effie will make it soar.

Take it all the way to the top.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your highly entertaining and professional performance as Master of Ceremonies at the Pharmaceutical Industry Ball
- Mike Leary, MD Princeton Pharmaceutical

People are RAVING about it being the best one ever. Seriously raving. It's great. Effie was a sensation & they're raving about her too. And everyone has a hangover.
- Malcolm Farr, Chief Political Reporter, Daily Telegraph

Guys and gals. What a great night! Feedback this morning has been outstanding.... The best Ball ever, is the common view. Effie slayed 'em. As John Howard said, the Ball has become THE Canberra event to attend.
- Steve Lewis, Chief Political Correspondent, The Australian

The standard of entertainment was second to none. As Master of ceremonies, you delighted the audience as well as conveying all our key messages in your uniquely wicked way. It was a night we will all remember.
- Geoffrey Williams, CEO 2002 Gay Games

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Effie - Hey Hey It's Saturday

Effie - Hey Hey It's Saturday

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