Elena Reed

Russian born Elena Reed fled to Australia as a teenager with no family, no money and not a person she knew in the country.  Today she has two university degrees in Law and Arts and a striving career as an internationally certified image and business etiquette expert. In addition to her formal education, Elena is an accredited practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy.

Like a dynamite, small in size, yet big on impact, Elena is both an enjoyable presenter on her subject matter, but also one who understands the results that image & manners in business bring.

In her audacious yet fun and practical sessions Elena will entice your senses with bold ideas and curatorial perspective into how you can use your physical assets (the way you look) and your demeanor (the way you do business) to position yourself for success in any situation. 

Certainly not a wallflower, Elena is a high energy speaker who is funny, factual and very dynamic. Recently described by a conference organiser as a 'pocket rocket who kicked our butts in style', Elena is skilled to come up with creative solutions to impart the messages important to you. She uses a good mixture of technology, music and interactivity to turn adult learning into multi-sensory experience that will stay long after your conference is finished. She takes time and care to understand your organisation's culture, vision and desired outcomes as well as your event objectives to provide you with high impact material. She makes style easy, turns fashion into real and proves etiquette can be fun.  


verbal communication and business etiquette. She does not have a one-size fits approach; instead Elena will create a catchy title to capture the spirit and reflect the branding of your event and your company. Some broad topic suggestions include:

  • Sticky brand. Why is it a big deal?
  • Colour, style and fashion for business success
  • Good manners sell!
  • Look first class without spending big dollars
  • Why talent is not enough for real success?
  • What talent has to do with personal branding?
  • Doing business in style
  • Leading in style
  • Fashion made simple. Real simple
  • Style express event. Something different, something special, something for you!


'Brilliant. Informative. Interesting. Enlightening. They're still talking about you a year on'
- Pricewaterhouse Coopers

"Very informative and excellently presented'.
- Deutsche Bank

'You covered a range of topics so well. You would definitely add value to any audience'.
- Westpac

We could listen to that voice forever. A dynamic presenter with some very practical skills to share. Highly recommended.
- Mission Australia

So humorous and so stylish. Great enthusiasm and passion for the subject. You made the topic fun, light hearted and interactive.
- Cobra Group

Your vibrant presentation had us glued to every insightful word that came from you. Obviously so well thought out and prepared. Interactive and personable.
- Meetings & Events Australia

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