Ellis & Webster

A show from Ellis & Webster is an experience you'll always remember.
Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster are two of Australia's most experienced, most recognised, and most awarded magicians, and when they get together on the one show you're in for one wild ride!

Tim and Sue-Anne offer a fast-paced show filled with lots of comedy, magic and side-splitting audience participation. You can customise this show to suit your audience and your budget by selecting a feature illusion.

As well as a featured illusion, Ellis & Webster's shows include tricks that have become legend around the world - like the incredible 'Soda Resurrection' where a can of soft drink is opened, poured out, and crushed, only to visibly uncrush itself, reseal itself and refill itself! Then it's opened up, poured out again, and given away! This trick is so unbelievable it's even been featured by American magician David Blaine on his recent television special.

What makes this show even more unique is that Tim and Sue-Anne are not only magicians, but they're married as well. What do two married magicians get up to at home? You'll have to see the show to find out!

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