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Australia - NT

Described as 'High-tech didgeridoo meets drum n bass', this high energy performance group from Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, Australia, have sold over 50 000 albums from the streets & stage.  Making them one of the hottest independent, underground success stories to emerge from the Top End of Australia.

Mark Hoffman's debut album 'Raw Didge' demonstrates the rhythms, sounds and techniques that define his unique, high energy style. Echoes of the Australian bush in the forms of animal howls, bird raps, hoots and drones can be heard. With no effects, the mix relies on his raw sound and makes evident Marks' mastery of this ancient instrument and his connection to the earth.   Mark collaborate's with various NT musicians, to create the unique sound of eMDee - combining an experimental fusion of drums, didjeridu, guitar and vocals. Sounds of ocean creatures, birds of prey, and the lush tropical north are hauntingly spoken through Mark on the didjeridu with a solid, explosive drumbeat.


eMDee are the most successful independent act in the Northern Territory
- Festival Director, East Coast Blues & Roots

Mark Hoffmann is an ambassador for multiculturalism in the Northern Territory. He brings all colours together, feeling one vibration, sharing one red blood.
- David Gulpilil, Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu

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