Emily Simpson

Emily was pregnant and wanted to buy a black bra. Horrified by the "sexless scaffolding" that was on offer, she started Full Bloom in 1994 to provide "Beautiful underwear for women at their most beautiful".
After three years of trading in stores throughout Australia, they changed course and have now become a thriving mail order service. Their website enables them to reach women all over the world. They now also provide a range of comfortable work bras, called Bodywise... "wearable well being".

Full Bloom were awarded "Innovative Company of the Year for 1997" by
Business Sydney magazine and Emily was inducted into the Business Women's Hall of Fame in 1998. Emily was also recently a finalist in the Telstra 2000 NSW Business Woman of the Year Awards.

The company philosophy is to offer innovative solutions, which celebrate women and inspire an evolutionary change in their self-image.

Emily was born in Sydney before embarking on a trip to Paris for her University education. She has also studied at NIDA and The University of New South Wales
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