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Don't just get your company motivated. Get it ACTIVATED!
Renowned speaker, educator, author, coach, and activist Eric Bailey has risen into international prominence by delivering high-energy, motivating, inspiring, and thought-provoking presentations that lead to result-producing actions and accountability.
Eric's firsthand experience on living up to one's full potential and activating inner passion, drive, and awesomeness is his trademark. Known for his engagingly personal approach, his dynamic and inspiring messages have helped over 3 million people in over 10 countries craft a vision for themselves and their future.
Eric has electrified audiences in Fortune 500 companies, universities, high schools, and non-profit organizations. He is one of the newest ambassadors for Adopt Change, an adoption advocacy spearheaded by Australian icon Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness.
Eric's Story

Eric is no stranger to the obstacles and challenges that face the youth and corporate worlds. Abandoned as a baby and raised by his adoptive parents on the tough streets of South Central Los Angeles, he was told by the medical world that he would never have a sporting career, or expect much out of life, due to damage in his joints.
But Eric had other plans. He defied physical and emotional pain to not only graduate from high school, but also attended Boise State University playing Division One Basketball, and then spent 14 years playing professional basketball in Australia with the Hobart Devils, the Melbourne Tigers, the Gippsland Lakers, and the Gold Coast Rollers.
In 1996, after retiring from professional basketball, Eric started his professional speaking and coaching business, bringing his message of hope, passion, and awesomeness to corporations, schools, professional organizations, and youth groups in the Asia-Pacific region.



Keynote Presentation
Accelerate to Activate
60 minutes  90 minutes
This presentation will take your staff on a journey
from where they are now to where they want to be.
So many people want so much from life  they want
success but just dont know how to get started. Eric
will give them successful strategies to help make
their dreams, their reality. This Keynote presentation
will give your staff the opportunity to tap into their
true potential, get passionate and achieve more
than they ever thought possible. Your staff will expe-
rience radical breakthroughs in all areas of their life
both personally and professionally.
This is an interactive and engaging Keynote aimed
at getting your staff excited about learning, growing,
developing and achieving. The primary goal is to
demonstrate the importance of raising standards of
work to world-class levels not just for the com-
pany, but for themselves, their family and their team.

Eric can also speak about:
Expect to win
Develop an appetite for success. Don?t settle for average
Taking advantage of all opportunities
Positive attitude = Overwhelming success
Strive to be your best

Eric makes an exceptional opening speaker.  He is also an experienced MC and facilitator and can stay on to host the rest of your conference day.


Eric Bailey has now presented to our franchisees and staff at our motivational "rallies" with excellent results. His ability to adapt and relate to all parts of the crowd are outstanding. Eric will travel with our team around Australia this year to continue his great work
- CEO - Eagle Boys Pizza Pty Ltd

Eric has brought our workers closer together, reduced absenteeism and improved communication. They value each other more as team members and feel confident in making suggestions to management about better work practices. Eric's program motivated the team to greater success and demonstrated that together we can achieve excellence.
- Managing Director - Filtronics Pty Ltd

Eric was vibrant, entertaining and managed to engage our audience from the word go.
- Fundraising and Public Relations Manager, Zoe's Place

Eric had a vision that was perfectly aligned to what we experience each and every day. WOW! His ability to engage his audience was infectious and powerful beyond my expectations. I saw grown men cry when Eric relayed his very personal story of birth and setbacks. What makes Eric so unique and effective? He is real! He researched our industry thoroughly and interpreted it brilliantly. His balance of wit, humour and pathos left our team wanting more.
- RE/MAX Vision Real Estate, Convenor Australasian Convention

He worked with us and gave so much of himself that each staff member and executive leader walked away feeling positive and touched that this man could share such personal reflection in such a motivational way. Even our most negative staff member turned the corner. That says something about the skills, tools, and ability of this man to effect change from the bottom up!
- Director, Suncorp Financial Services

I don’t think that I have ever seen an auditorium of 500 delegates so moved and I have attended over 20 years of corporate conferences. The audience was on their feet, some people with tears in their eyes at the conclusion of Eric’s dynamic and moving presentation.
- Director Watermark Realestate

Eric Bailey speaker

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Eric Bailey 2015 GameTime Highlights

Eric Bailey 2015 GameTime Highlights

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