Eric Chester is the premier expert on school-to-work transition and the emerging workforce. As a former teacher and coach-turned motivational speaker for millions of students, Eric soon became a highly sought after speaker for hundreds of leading companies that needed to know how to manage and motivate post-Generation X'ers.

Eric is the Founder and CEO of a speaking, consulting, and training firm dedicated to helping leaders end entitlement and restore pride in the emerging workforce.  With work ethic being a primary concern for today's employers, Eric frequently appears on national media to provide insight and perspective to business leaders and concerned adults. He authored the books Employing Generation Why and Getting Them to Give a Damn before writing Reviving Work Ethic - A Leader's Guide to Ending Entitlement and Restoring Pride in the Workforce - the first business book on work ethic since 1904.

Eric is also the Founder and CEO of The Bring Your A Game to Work Initiative, a comprehensive work ethic training and certification program for teens and young adults. Through more than two decades of interactions and interviews with innumerable employers and teenagers in various work environments, Eric developed 'The A Game', an entertaining, spirited, compelling compilation of ideas and curriculum that focuses on instilling the values and practices employers are seeking in their young workers.



No one knows the emerging workforce better than Eric Chester. He's spot on when it comes to the challenge leaders face for improving work ethic and restoring pride, and he offers advice that is both practical and solid.
- President and Chief Executive Officer, 7-Eleven, Inc.

WOW! Awesome! Fantastic! Insightful!...those are the words I heard from everyone.
- VP, Meeting & Travel Services, International Dairy Queen

the positive feedback was overwhelming...our in-service day was the best we've ever had... It's about time we have a presenter who understands us and can give us something to use in our daily lives.
- Campus President, Universal Technical Institute

To say the least, your presentation was a winner...outstanding...right on target!
- President, Toys "R" Us

The feedback from the meetings with Eric was unanimous: it is a must see presentation with real life scenarios and smart, fun anecdotes...dynamic, engaging presenter that captured the attention of an entire room and delivered his message with precision and energy.
- VP Project Management, Wells Fargo

Eric Chester speaker

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Eric Chester - Bureau Friendly Preview

Eric Chester - Bureau Friendly Preview

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