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Bullying is bad! It creates physical and psychological symptoms, causing brain damage and personality breakdown. Simultaneously it sabotages performance and productivity within schools and organizations. Evelyn M. Field is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society. She works with children, adolescents and adults, specialising in school and workplace bullying.

She provides keynotes & workshops to schools and organizations about understanding, preventing and managing bullying, based upon her extensive professional experience.
Her effective, brief, evidence-based strategies, empower targets to block bullying.  Her simple social & emotional resilience model enables children, adolescents & adults develop more effective social survival skills and improve their relationships.

She provides options for organizations to develop economical, productive, collaborative pathways instead of expensive, destructive, adversarial approaches for managing bullying behaviours. Evelyn provides theoretical & clinical training to mental health professionals who treat victims of school or workplace bullying.

Evelyn's first two books are bestsellers (translated into five languages) and focused upon school bullying, 'Bully Busting' which was replaced by 'Bully Blocking'. These were followed by 'Bully Blocking at Work' and the second part 'Strategies for Surviving Bullying at Work' and a DVD on workplace bullying

Evelyn has an international profile as Chair of the Therapeutic Practitioners Special Interest Group, part of the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment (IAWBH). She is also on the Advisory Panel of the National Centre Against Bullying (NCAB).

Evelyn's presentations are ethical, educational and entertaining, she was an accredited speaking member of National Speakers Association of Australia. (NSAA)  and has spoken in many countries. She is interviewed regularly on television, radio and in print and has done hundreds of media interviews.

Evelyn M Field is passionate about empowering targets and others to manage bullying themselves.  She answers the big question, "Help, I am being bullied! How can I block the bullying myself when others don't?". 


Australia's highest profile expert in school bullying.
- Michael Carr Gregg

Many thanks for the wonderful workshop you provided for us... I have spoken with a number of the people who attended - both psychologists and people who work in HR/management roles, and they all agreed that they came away with useful tools to employ in their work settings.
- Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology and Psychiatry, Monash University,Bendigo, Australia.

Evelyn's workshop is entertaining, informative and hard hitting. She brings together years of practical experience, the latest in theory and an extremely practical set of approaches. She incorporates proactive and preventive strategies in her very comprehensive program. Evelyn is at the cutting edge in both research and practice. She brings both passion and compassion to her work, which will be widely read. This is a most important development in this area.
- Psychologist, International Trainer, Senior Faculty, William Glasser Institute

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