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Ms. Popcorn shares the advice she gives her exclusive Fortune 500 clientele. Providing a blueprint for future business growth, Faith Popcorn has an uncanny ability to "Braille the Culture" and see what products and processes will motivate consumers in the coming decade, delivering corporate road maps to profits in the future. Her presentations are interactive, guaranteed to challenge the beliefs, jump-start creativity and improve the business and personal decision-making process of virtually any audience.
Faith Popcorn is a visionary. Recognized as America's foremost Trend expert, Ms. Popcorn has been hailed as "the trend oracle" by The New York Times and the "Nostradamus of Marketing" by Fortune. For more than 25 years, during periods of growth and recession, Faith Popcorn has been the futurist of choice for companies seeking a competitive edge. Corporate CEOs to start-up entrepreneurs consult Faith Popcorn to gain insight into the future for their industry, their products and their lives. Ms. Popcorn removes the mystery from business. Companies who apply her Trend-based methodology become leaders, not followers, of the future. Not only is Ms. Popcorn a trusted advisor to the Fortune 500, she is also a dazzling speaker who leaves audiences inspired and primed for what's ahead. A polished veteran, Ms. Popcorn engages the audience in a stimulating, entertaining presentation that will demystify the future for any business.
Ms. Popcorn resides in New York City.
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