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New York- born and raised entertainer and Performance Coach, Francine Bell, has performed on stage, screen, radio and television, worldwide. She performed weekly on the French TV show Th? Dansant; was a regular on Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton and on Midday with Ray Martin. Francine has starred in major advertising campaigns in the US and Canada. A former Haute Couture fashion model, Francine's drama credits include roles in the television series All Saints and in the blockbuster movies Matrix Revolutions, The Wilde Girls (opposite Olivia Newton-John), and Superman Returns. Francine is also an accomplished Voice-Over artist and Broadcaster. She was the face of the News on all Qantas flights to the US and Canada; she had her own four-hour radio program on RhemaFM Newcastle and was featured for three years in her own weekly segment, My Word on InFocus News, seen internationally on Hope Channel and the Australian Christian Channel.


Francine taught Contemporary Singing and lectured in Contemporary Performance and Presentation at The University of Newcastle School of Music and Drama:

The Conservatorium for 10 years. Francine consults for the Talent Development Project from which such talents as the 2014 winner of The Voice, Anja Nissen have emerged. She was the Musical Director for the 2015 TDP Open Talent Workshop. As well as TDP, Francine has consulted for Sydney Eisteddfod, the Australian National Choral Association; Pymble Ladies? College and Barker College. A highly sought-after motivational speaker, Francine takes you on a journey from her native Brooklyn, around the world to a destination called ?self-confidence?. Her insightful and funny presentation, Inside the Alien Head ? Releasing the Incredible You in YOU, has been described as being ?not only fun, but thought provoking.? Francine is also an award-winning composer, has recorded multiple CD?s and is the author of the book, Lights! Camera! Action!

A Selection of Song Titles from Francine Bell


The Lady is a Tramp, Ain't MisBehavin', When I Fall in Love, Stardust, PaperMoon, Satin Doll, Bye Bye Blackbird, Lullaby of Birdland, Summertime, Stormy Weather


New York New York, Pink Cadillac, The Best, Wasn't it Good, My Guy, Old Time Rock & Roll, Kissing You (Romeo & Juliet), The Rose


Habanera (from "Carmen"), Selected French & Italian Arias


Old Time Religion, Amazing Grace, Operation Down by the Rivers, Roll Jordan Roll, Sweet Chariot


Send In the Clowns, Memory (Cats), Phantom selections, The Best of Times


THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU! The Opening with the Prime Minister would not have been the same without you. Your incredible beauty and talent were an absolute asset on the day…not to mention creating a great party atmosphere.
- Pamela Bartlett, Marmalade Foundation

So professional in the very best and loveliest way…”WOW!!! You certainly Captured, Engaged, Informed, Inspired and Entertained your audience with your exceptional presentation skills. You showed your ability to create the feeling in the audience that you were talking to each one individually. That innate humanity, truth and sincerity you have shone through --- in fact it glowed, And all of this with a great sense of fun…Do it happily and much more can be achieved. You encapsulated this, and so many other tenets and values of Rotary, in this one, and wonderful, performances…Rotarians have been …emailing me about the Conference. So far each one has singled out your presentation as being either one of the highlights or, for some, THE highlight of the Conference!!!”
- Noel Cislowski, Rotary

Your company is two words away from greater success. Francine Bell. Blessed with incredible presence and able to share personal journey’s with each person lucky enough to have a seat in the room, your words will be taken on the road of life and remembered during the challenging days. The TDP interns commenced their journey this week armed with Francine Bell Heavy Artillery; they are equipped to missile negative thoughts and gun down any misconceptions that they can’t follow their dreams!
- Kim Lemke, Communications & Marketing Manager, Talent Development Project (TDP)

Huge presence and a massive heart… In my life I have met many extraordinary and talented people, a few however stand out. One of these is Francine, yes of course she is highly and superbly talented with a voice to die for, but more than that she has a huge presence and a massive heart, a way of connecting with people which is very, very special.
- Liz Mullinar AM, Heal For Life

She is able to speak, coach and mentor… Francine Bell is one of the finest singer, songwriter and entertainer in Australia. It is the combination of these skills that enables her to be the extraordinary artist she is, and makes her a perfect adjudicator. She is able to speak, coach and mentor young performers from her experience as a performer, and also from her experience at the best performing arts institutions in Australia. She is a great inspiration to the young performers with her expertise, energy, guidance, compassion, encouragement, and with astute comments that ensure they are pro-active about the ongoing development of their burgeoning careers.
- Piroozi Desai- Keane OAM, CEO, Sydney Eisteddfod

...Extreme passion, energy & presence... Francine is an amazing speaker with extreme passion, energy and presence. She has the power to engage her audience immediately and keep them actively involved throughout her presentation. We were so impressed with her contribution to our event - making it an incredibly memorable night. We had overwhelming feedback from our members that they loved every minute and were inspired to make changes based on the many insights Francine shared. We highly recommend Francine - she is an amazing woman of many talents: singer, vocal coach, actor and presenter, speaker, author and business woman.
- Sharon Waterhouse, Chair, Hunter Business Women's Network

…entertaining and thought provoking. Staff here is still talking about your session. You were my trump card and you certainly lived up to it. I want to thank you for your enthusiasm, kindness, professionalism and presence. Your presentation of “Inside the Alien Head” was entertaining and thought provoking
- Mary-Anne Hardy, HAPS, Core Lab Supervisor, John Hunter Hospital

Francine is a performance guru…She has a rare ability to convey her intimate knowledge of stagecraft across to all aspiring performers of all styles and instruments… Francine will give you a rare insight on how to engage an audience and empower your stage craft.
- Tom Donald - Remigrant Records, London, United Kingdom

WOW! The way you engaged with the audience immediately was quite spectacular to watch and that alone is a rarity to witness.
- Keryl P Fedrick, Town Coordinator, Toronto Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.

Francine Bell: Guaranteed no-one will be bored when Francine is on the platform. Her ability to engage the audience and to touch the heart and the head is just fantastic. Francine Bell: 10/10. Francine Bell: Would have her back anytime. Francine Bell: Never a dull moment
- Bill Brill, Senior Pastor, Beachside Christian Fellowship

Her method of teaching was fun & interesting Francine not only made me feel special, she made every person at that workshop feel special. Her method of teaching was fun & interesting; we went away with a little bit of Francine Bell in all of us…
- Leeanne Makepeace, Wyong City Council

Not only was it fun, it was hugely informative… Honestly, this did so much more for my presentation confidence levels than all the public speaking courses that I've invested in put together! With her sass, sense of humor and inimitable style, Francine lovingly coaxed the Diva out of me and showed me that I too could shine.
- Victoria Ugarte, Postcards from Millie

…outstanding work ethic. One of Francine’s outstanding qualities among many, is her outstanding work ethic. Once Francine commits to a task, project or planning process and/or goal,her commitment is exemplary.
- John Marks, General Manager, Chairman, Newcastle Christian Broadcasters Limited

Your expertise, energy and guidance have been of such benefit to our students over the years. You are one of our most treasured consultants.
- Mary Lopez, AM, Artistic Director, Talent Development Project (TDP)

Francine's drive and enthusiasm is so infectious that you cannot help but want to better yourself! I have worked with a number of teachers and mentors over the past 10 years and no one has inspired me like Francine does!
- Makaylie Foodey, Telstra Road to Tamworth People’s Choice Award Winner 2010

Francine was a hit… This was really something different from our usual, often boring, guest speaker. Thank you Francine you are the best!!...”Those members who attended enjoyed a great breakfast, great fellowship and an AMAZING SPEAKER in Francine Bell! New York-born and raised, she is an inspirational speaker, and very much "hands on"… Impossible to explain in an overview, so I won't try, but she certainly was inspiring and had all of us on our feet!
- Jane Gwalter, John Dickinson Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise

Your workshop was everything I was wanting and needing plus more… I am sooo glad I did not miss last night, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Your workshop was everything I was wanting and needing plus more… You are such a stunning, vivacious, inspiring woman with a life time of experience and knowledge to share. It was a real privilege and a pleasure Francine.
- Christine C., Inside the Alien Head Workshop Participant

It was SUCH fun! Heartfelt thanks to you Francine for being such a gifted and engaging and insightful teacher. I had a ball! Wish we could do it all again soon!!
- Kate Mathers, The Magic of Allowing

What can I say? Words are just not enough to express all our gratitude and appreciation for your wonderful hosting of one of our most prestigious events. YOU ARE A STAR AND YOU WERE BLOODY MARVELLOUS.
- Chief Executive - Sydney Eisteddfod

Francine Bell can be highly recommended as an MC. She brings lots of energy to the stage and engages the audience and creates a lot of laughter.
- Trish Russo -McDonald's

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