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Frank Furness CSP is an internationally sought after Sales & Technology Speaker and Social Media Presenter. His lively, enthusiastic and humorous style has inspired audiences all around the world.

He is a specialist in sales, technology, social media and goal setting and how they work in tandem to produce great results for organizations.

He has been a guest on many radio and TV talkback shows and is the past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe.

He currently spends seventy percent of his time speaking internationally, working in fifty two countries.

An accomplished presentation skills trainer, Frank coaches many top sports people on public speaking.

He is a regular speaker at Entrepreneurs University and his clients include the British Olympic Team, The Professional Cricketers Association, Sporting Champions and Sport England. He was awarded 'Top Speaker' for Vistage Europe and inducted into the 'Speaker Hall of Fame'.

Apart from speaking, Frank has an Internet Marketing business with 22 websites all producing income. He has been an avid supporter of video marketing for many years and his YouTube channel has 480 videos, 3 million views and over 5,000 subscribers.

Frank's books Walking with Tigers - Success Secrets of the World's Top Business Leaders and How to Find New Business and Clients are International best sellers.

If you need to inspire and entertain your audience, Frank will assure a top-notch engagement every time.

The Winning Edge

After working with and presenting to hundreds of organisations in 52 countries, Frank shares the success secrets and strategies of the most successful companies. These companies share common strategies, talent acquisition and retention, outstanding service and preparing for the future through technology, high touch and digital media.


  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • People development
  • Understanding personal goals and motivations
  • Equipping people with the right skills
  • Developing a teamwork strategy
  • Outstanding Service
  • Developing 'sticky' customers
  • Getting the right  balance between motivation and discipline
  • Creating a legendary service culture
  • Technology and high touch
  • Developing a digital strategy
  • Embracing social media
  • Selling to clients the way in which they buy
  • Social media, how to dominate Google and attract new clients

Walking with Tigers - Success Secrets of the World's Top sales People

This Keynote will provide the delegates with the knowledge, skills and practice to become powerful sales consultants. They will learn how to make an immediate and lasting impact and stand out from the competitors as well as reach and exceed targets.  In today's society, the successful organizations have a unique ability so market and sell their products and services. 'Walking with Tigers' is a fast-paced, dynamic and highly informative keynote that covers ideas, techniques, tips and practical useful information. Frank has a proven record in sales and marketing and now helps organizations in fifty two countries to improve their skills and bottom line profits. Frank's research with 500 of the world's top salespeople has enabled him to share their secrets and success habits.

  • The three most important sales forces that exist in every organization
  • How and where to find new clients
  • Developing rapport and easing tension levels
  • Customer service and the impact on sales
  • Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs
  • The power of goal setting
  • How to develop a winning attitude
  • Habits of highly successful people
  • Social media strategies

Attraction Marketing - The Social Media Revolution

With ever increasing bandwidth, audio and video has created richer ways to deepen the engagement with online customers, but how much is too much?  This session will explore the science of selling to the new generation of online buyers.  Learn the best new ways to promote your business online and the role of technology in reducing the time and workload to maintain and manage the consumer connection.  It will share 'attraction marketing' strategies to build your company brand, drive traffic to your website, dominate Google and share the strategies of successful companies that are using 'new media marketing' successfully.

You can learn new, low-cost strategies for boosting your business with the minimum of effort and at the minimum of risk. These strategies are proven to work but rarely used because few business owners realize how simple it can be to increase sales - even during tough economic times.

This a totally practical session and delegates will leave with many ideas that they can apply to their business immediately.  This keynote/workshop equips participants with practical tools and techniques to enable them to discover:-

  • How to dominate Google
  • What makes great websites and what is required by clients as well as Google
  • Innovative ideas to promote their business
  • The power of the internet
  • How to use audio and video to connect with online clients
  • Market online with little or no technical expertise
  • Why and how to use the 'Big Four' YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn



CEO level delegates attending the inaugural Abacus International Online Travel Leaders Retreat rated Frank Furness as one of the most appreciated contributors at the event held in Macau. His presentation not only provided thought provoking new perspectives for online Travel Agencies, the delegates attending felt that many of the tactics and techniques for online marketing could be implemented almost immediately. We greatly appreciated Frank's contribution to the Retreat and with its sound mix of robust thinking and practical advice and would welcome him as a presenter at our events in the future.
- President and CEO, Abacus International Pte Ltd

An offsite meeting with my reports - heads of business from across the world, different nationalities, different backgrounds and different business areas. Frank conducted a half day session on day two of the three day meeting. Frank is energised, motivated and engaging. There was no-one in the room who was not captivated by what he was saying. He had really prepared and tailored his material to fit into my required business outcomes. The whole morning was varied, interesting, moving, thought provoking and uplifting. My team was left highly motivated for the business year ahead, driven, and armed with tools to help realise action plans. Testament to the impact of Frank's session, is that once back in the office, dealing with daily work issues, the team continues to pull on the resources and motivation gained from Frank. I would highly recommend Frank - he is one of the best speakers I have ever had the opportunity to experience.

I enjoyed it very much and found a lot of your stories awe inspiring, thought provoking and poignant. You talked about a lot of remarkable people, yourself and family included and I have repeated a lot of these stories to my family, often with tears in my eyes!!
- Manager, Salters

Every time I sit in Frank's audience It's like going to the bank AND Making A Big Deposit. What do you need to learn to fatten your bank account?
- W Mitchell, author of, It's Not What Happen To You, It's What You Do About It

Frank is one of the top sales presenters in the world and he delivered his high content, high impact, high value presentation with his usual eloquence, expertise, and enterprising nature
- APSA, Singapore

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Frank Furness

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