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One of corporate America's proven achievers and innovators, Frank Maguire was a founding senior executive at Federal Express, and served in a variety of senior executive positions with Kentucky Fried Chicken, ABC and American Airlines during benchmark years in the history of each.
Frank Maguire served in the executive offices of President's Kennedy and Johnson. He was one of five invited to the table to both 'imagine' and initiate Project Headstart.

While at Federal Express, Frank Maguire's "absolutes" turned the company's "absolutely, positively overnight" commitment from a hope into a reality. Fred Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Federal Express, credits Mr. Maguire with having created the corporate culture that resulted in Federal Express being named "The Top Corporation of the Decade" by Fortune magazine.

He now heads Maguire Communications, Inc. His public speaking and seminar practice is based on a set of "Maguire Absolutes" - immutable truths - informed by experience Frank teaches the same leadership skills that he used to recognize, launch and nourish, the careers of Ted Koppel and Charles Osgood during his tenure as the director of program development for American Broadcasting Company.

Frank Maguire is the Chairman of the International Experts Committee for the International Brand Forum of China. He also serves on the Board of Regents at California Lutheran University and is a Trustee of the Yosemite National Institutes. Mr. Maguire is the recipient of the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from Fordham University, an honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration from Johnson & Wales University.

Speech Topics
MaGuire's Absolutes-The Immutable Laws of Success: Through stories and examples, the audience will walk away with a thorough understanding of "Maguire's Absolutes" - a set of immutable truths and practical skills that contributed to the success of FedEx, KFC, ABC, BMW, COKE and American Airlines. This keynote and workshop is about PEOPLE not process. Maguire will speak about three 'spiritual' qualities-feelings, attitudes, and relationships-that lead to successful, dedicated and motivated individuals, and by definition, successful companies.

We Cannot Not Communicate-People do Business with People they Like: We communicate by our presence, by our absence, our silence and our words. We do it by our choices, gestures and attitudes. We may not always do it well. But, we always do it. In "We Cannot NOT Communicate", Maguire teach proven leadership communication skills that are guaranteed to improve the productive energy in your company as well as your earnings.

The Employers R.O.I.-The Three Keys to a Motivated and Dedicated Workforce: Just as any corporation analyzes the return on their investment, your employees expect a return on the investment they make in you. Too often, the employees' ROI goes unrecognized. Today's employees aren't looking for a home, what they want is Recognition, opportunity and a chance to get involved. The personal stories, experiences and skills Maguire speaks about in "The Employees' ROI" demonstrate how the "Investment" in three key components will lead to the credibility, respect, openness and trust required to build a winning team, increased productivity, and earnings.
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