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In a world of professional sport, few athletes stand out with the longevity and experience of Frano Botica. Playing top level rugby for over 18 years, Frank is one of the few athletes who has worn Triple Black Jerseys, having played for the New Zealand Sevens, All Blacks (both rugby union) and Kiwis (rugby league).

Frano has also played internationally and his profile includes two years in Italy, six years playing Rugby League for Wigan in the United Kingdom as wing and standoff, two years in Wales for Llanelli, three years in France for Biarritz and two years for Croatian International. He also had a career spanning 16 years for North Harbour.

Frano's long sporting career and experience have given him great insight into international sport and business. As a former captain for North Harbour, he has well developed leadership skills. He has an understanding and ease in working in cultural differences, and has a large database of contacts in international sport and business.

Frano is also available for one and two day training workshops.   Frano is able to take the principles of success he learned on the sports field, and teach businesses how to apply them in their work.

Frano talks about attitude, cultural change and behaviour in the work place. He is a humorous and funny quiz master that can do a show to entertain your guests. An articulate speaker, Frano draws on a wealth of experience to inspire and entertain, with the ability relate to people at all levels and to tailor his presentation to a brief.


Frano's presentation met our expectations. Everyone was happy. He interacted well with Q&A and over dinner.
- NDA Engineering Conference

Relaxed the crowd with a more personal and casual approach... Funny, relaxing and entertaining night.
- Power Farming Ltd

Professional / entertaining. Took time to understand objectives and get to know key people. Excellent - interested and amused the audience, inspiring.
- Tyco Services

The comments afterwards were very positive, he really kept the audience with him. A lot of laughs!
- MasterTrade Corys

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