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Dr Fred Grosse provides the strategies that have assisted super-achievers to achieve a further level of results even they have found elusive, and to realize more goals and dreams.

Dr Grosse is a business psychotherapist, corporate consultant and systems designer, personal coach, mentor and trainer, now in his 25th year of sharing his business techniques. He has the critical edge which gives his clients the ability to work smarter, to maximize income while reducing the time to produce it, and to take the quantum leap towards identifying and fulfilling their unique life purpose.

Deceptively simple, Dr Grosse's technique is about the most effective use of time, on a consistent basis. He teaches simple, psychological tools that undo the subtle obstacles which can keep, even top achievers, from fulfilling their potential. He teaches how to create balance in life, to stretch beyond previous comfort zones, to rediscover passion, use inner assets and realize tangible, magnificent, life-changing results.

Dr Grosse earned his undergraduate degree at Union College in New York and his doctorate in clinical psychology from International College in Los Angeles. Following intensive psychotherapy training, Dr Grosse founded the Gestalt Growth Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Having worked with thousands of Business Executives, Managers and Sales People, he established the Institute for Management, Organization and Motivation. From his vast experience in working with the human mind, Dr Grosse coaches business people on how to double and triple their incomes in less time.

Today's super-achievers turn to Dr. Fred Grosse when they are ready to design lives and corporate cultures where affluence and quality of life are mutually inclusive. His clients are luminaries of the real estate, legal, accounting, insurance, automotive and other key industries, as well as private individuals who pursue excellence as a matter of course.

Dr. Fred has proven to be a master at pinpointing specific key strategies that empower and inspire the top echelons to achieve a level of results even they have found elusive: Those who know there are still more goals and dreams to be realized in this lifetime; High achievers who want to further maximize their income, sharply limit the time it takes to produce it and simultaneously take a quantum leap towards living a magnificent life.

Dr Grosse is most frequently referred to as "the unfair advantage" among results-oriented audiences and clients. The critical edge honed in his seminars and private coaching partnerships endows recipients with a level of productivity that can never be equaled merely by working harder - only by working smarter. He teaches deceptively simple psychological tools that immediately undo subtle obstacles that keep even top achievers from fulfilling their destiny.

Dr Grosse's seminars, private coaching and corporate consulting relationships attract the leadership and top earners from a variety of industries and such prominent companies as RE/MAX, MONY, The Prudential, Harcourts (New Zealand), AMP (Australia/New Zealand), Pearl Assurance (United Kingdom) and McGrath Partners (Australia). His unique talents and expertise enable participants to permanently transform self-limiting habits into dollar-productive behavior coupled with a magnificent life. They discover the strategic use of the mind as their greatest potential growth center. Dr Grosse gives clients mechanisms whereby personal effectiveness is optimized even during times of upheaval triggered by interpersonal and departmental conflict, restructuring and downsizing, as well as the unexpected challenges of record revenues and rapid growth.

Dr Grosse was co-founder, co-director and senior trainer of the Gestalt Institute of New Zealand. For more than twenty-five years he has focused his expertise as a business


For the past 8 years you have honored our firm by coaching me along with 80 of our top agents. During this period our commission income and free time have simultaneously skyrocketed. You are the best coach at behavior modification to generate greater income and more balance in peoples lives that I am aware of anywhere!
- Preview

Following each session with you, I notice a new certainty in the work patterns and attitudes of our people. And that's the real difference between you and other trainers we have experienced. You remove blocks and change patterns which lead to ongoing success. Others often motivate short term yet rarely produce basing change.
- Mc Grath Partners Estate Agents

One major difference between Dr Grosse and many other consultants we have worked with in the past is that we expect a consultant to improve the performance of those who already possess a desire to grow and succeed. Fred Grosse has an extremely rare ability to actually create the "desire" and then support people through the process of suceeding.
- Harcourts Group Limited

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