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Hardly a day goes by where stress is not highlighted in one way or another. The reality is, stress will play a part in your life from childhood right through to old age. The cause of your stress may appear in the form of a financial loss, ill health, relationship break-up, conflict with another person, death of a loved one...and unfortunately the list goes on. Stress is not something that was made up in the 21st century. Imagine the stress cave dwellers had each day just to survive! Although in today's world stress is now recognised and more apparent.
So, how is stress created? Stress is created through tension when an individual responds to the demands and pressures that come from external sources such as other people and the environment. These are compounded when combined with internally generated sources such as personal demands, obligations, and belief systems. Stress can build up over a period of time until a state of crisis is reached and symptoms appear. The symptoms may appear in the form of physical and/or emotional and/or behavioural.

However, stress does not have to be viewed as a negative thing. In fact, it can be a positive influence in your life by providing motivation to succeed, identifying areas to grow, strengthening your character, and developing you to handle difficult situations. I'm sure you could identify plenty more!

Garth's book 'Bite Size Chunks to Success-Controlling Stress'' captures the lessons Garth learnt from a period of his life when he experienced a far higher level of stress than ever before. His stressors included starting a business, financial, relationship, death of a loved one, and moving to a new country. Garth then combines these lessons with the knowledge that he has acquired through his vast professional experience, which covers operations management, HR and training. Garth is currently the founder and MD of Down to Basics Training.

Garth presents an informative, practical, and enjoyable supporting seminar to his book called, 'A Coffee with Garth'. As well as his seminar, he also provides other strategies to assist businesses to combat stress.
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