Gary Hamel is Visiting Professor of Strategic and International Management at the London Business School, Chairman of Strategos and Director of the Woodside Institute.

The Economist labels Prof. Hamel "the world's reigning strategy guru." Peter Senge of MIT describes him as "the most influential thinker on strategy in the Western world." As the author of concepts such as "strategic intent," "core competence," "corporate imagination" and "industry revolution," Hamel has changed the focus and language of strategy in many of the world's most successful companies.

In his work with leading companies throughout the world, Hamel and his colleagues at Strategos have helped management teams create rule-breaking strategies that have created billions of dollars in new wealth.

Through the Woodside Institute, Hamel has joined forces with a community of renowned thought leaders who are working to solve the world's toughest business problem: how to help large institutions become capable of continuous, crisis-free renewal.

Since 1985, Hamel has published 13 articles in the Harvard Business Review. Four of his articles have received the prestigious McKinsey prize for excellence, a feat unmatched by any other management author. He is also the most reprinted author in the history of the Harvard Business Review. Hamel has written three cover stories for Fortune magazine, the world's most prestigious business magazine. He has also written for the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Fast Company, Business 2.0, CIO magazine and many other professional and academic journals.

Professor Hamel's landmark book, Competing for the Future, was Business Week's management book of the year and has appeared on every management best-seller list. Having been translated into more than 20 languages, it is the best-selling book every on business strategy. Hamel's latest book, Leading the Revolution is another global best seller. Industry revolutionaries like Richard Branson and Michael Dell have described the book as the essential guide to business innovation.

Professor Hamel is one of the world's most sought-after management speakers. He is an advisor to CEOs, boards and governments. He is a member of the Global Business Network, a fellow of the World Economic Forum and on the board of the Strategic Management Review. He lives in Northern California.
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