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Australia's leading, most innovative health entrepreneur, Geoff Jowett is the founder and creator of  Australia's fastest growing weight management programs Bodytrim, Bodysculpt and Bodytrim Advantage and the co-founder of Australia's largest personal training business, Vision personal training. A Sports Science graduate and former recipient of the Australian Personal Trainer of the Year award, Geoff consults to some of Australia's biggest stars in the area of weight management, and has even lent his services to some of Hollywood's A-list.

Geoff is a true pioneer in the field of weight loss and is a highly sought after motivational speaker both at home and abroad, speaking regularly to large audiences on permanent weight loss management strategies and techniques as well as mind management strategies.  Geoff's first weightloss DVD sold in excess of 20,000 copies in Australia alone.

Geoff is without doubt the foremost authority on weight management in this country, not only because of his knowledge but also because of his practical application as a natural physique champion. Geoff took out 3rd place in NSW for the Australian IFBB competition. Geoff is a true product of his product and a genuine role model in physique transformation and permanent weight management. 

With now over 300,000 lives changed in the short space of 5 years through Bodytrim, Geoff is even more committed than ever on continuing to spreading a global health message by equipping people with the real facts, secrets and truth about weight loss and the functionality about the human metabolism. He truly believes that everyone can have the body they desire if they are equipped with the right knowledge and information.

Geoff's speaking topics include;

The secret to breaking bad habits
Geoff shows you the trick to breaking bad habits and how he broke his own past bad habits! Geoff reveals the importance of rituals, helping to make good habits easy and enjoyable! Explores the importance of constant self improvement and how to focus on this every day to banish those habits for good and start living your best life.  "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore, is not an act, but a habit."

Turning your 'shoulds' in 'musts'
Geoff explains the one big thing that separates those who achieve huge success and those who don't, Geoff explores this and ways to raise your standards in all areas of your life. Raise your standards, and your expectancy, it's all about having 'super phycology'.

5 steps to goal setting success
Goal - Geoff discusses the tricks behind setting the right goal for your success
Deadline -  Learn the tricks on pushing yourself to make firm and tight deadlines.
Plan - Geoff discusses the importance of devising and mapping out strategies for your success. And how to do this
Role model - How to look for certain clues that other successful people leave behind and how to use them to create your own success!
Tell everyone - Geoff will explain the importance of being accountable to others and how this makes us strive further for our goals.

The ultimate Secrets to success
Urgency - Learn Geoff's technique used to create urgency in your life and why every day is a gift.
Law of attraction - How it does in fact work and how to use it to your advantage.
Standards - Raising your standards and expectations to allow only for the best things in life
Failure - Learn to eliminate the fear of failure and why failure it actually a good thing!

Weight loss & fitness secrets

Geoff explores the greatest myths in the diet and fitness industries and equals you with weight-loss tools and knowledge for life. You will learn why what you have been eating isn't working and the secret foods that will turn your body into a fat burning machine! Learn the truth about exercise why it could be making you fat!

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