Prepare to be entertained, energised and enlightened on a journey of memorable customer service and marketing ideas, that will enthrall, enthuse and most certainly inspire your teams and delegates.

Geoff Ramm is the creator and author of 'Celebrity Service' and 'OMG Marketing'.  He's a multi-award winning speaker who has challenged and inspired audiences across five continents.  With a genuine passion and an infectious love of his subject, he's humorous with original content and will challenge you to greater results.

See the 'real life' observational content passionately delivered to enable you to look deeper, think harder and create better, to inevitably stand out from the competition. Geoff sees the stand out customer service and marketing ideas from all over the world that others simply miss. Renowned as the 'Billy Connolly' of service and marketing, he receives rave reviews from corporate clients, associations as well as entrepreneurial audiences for his fast-paced, high interaction.
 With hundreds of observational, ideas, images, videos and stories, each presentation is personalised for you and your theme, to ensure a lasting impact and high takeaway value.  You won't see any graphs, charts or statistics, just an abundance of 'real life' ideas from around the world to help transform your current ideas into greater results.  Geoff has never delivered the same speech twice, as every presentation is customised to fit the audience, which could include examples from attendees in the room or the sector you are in.

Working with high profile clients across all industries Geoff has worked with entrepreneurs to launch start-up enterprises without a budget and has created marketing ideas which have become legend.  His clients include; Honda, TATA, Toyota, SAGE, Tiger Brands, Goldwell and Chrysler. He's the youngest ever President of the Professional Speaking Association UK and also a member of the Global Speakers Federation and a recipient of the PSAE (Excellence) award in 2014, as well as being a UK Enterprise Ambassador.


  • You probably think you deliver great service, but then a celebrity walked in... and everything changed! 
  • Discover the brilliantly unique philosophy that is 'Celebrity Service'.   See the people and brands from all over the world who will inspire you and your organisation to create incredible customer service and word of mouth that have customers beating down your door for more. 
  • WARNING: Your customers will love you.  Your competition will not.
  • This Keynote and Interactive master class will not only inspire you and your audience but will have you scribbling ideas down to generate unlimited ideas to stand out from the competition


  • From the worlds' most amazing business cards, promotional materials that defy the national response rates to the greatest email of all time; see how brands of all sectors and sizes stand can out from the crowd with limited budgets.
  • Discover the marketing campaigns that generate amazing publicity and learn how they excite & engage audiences throughout the world with their social media and marketing strategies.
  • OMG is also available as a Keynote and an Interactive master class to generate unrivalled creativity which you can take forwards into every marketing campaign.

WTF SELLING: (Well That?s Fantastic)

  • Both 'Celebrity Service' and 'OMG Marketing' lead to one thing....Sales!
  • From upselling Arnold Schwarzenegger style at Planet Hollywood, New York, to the airports of Tehran at 3am, through to a homeless man making sale after sale selling his wares on the street.  This Keynote and Interactive session will reveal the greatest Observational Selling techniques that will transform your teams thinking in selling more effectively in challenging times.
Geoff Ramm speaker

Speaker Video

Geoff Ramm - What If You Were To Treat Every Customer Like A Celebrity [Customer Service Keynote]
Geoff Ramm - Celebrity Service Trailer 2019
Customer Service Speaker Geoff Ramm Celebrity Customer Service
Geoff Ramm Speaker Review

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