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Australia - Western Australia

Gihan Perera is a futurist, conference speaker, author and consultant who gives you a glimpse into what’s ahead – and how you can become fit for the future, in your professional and personal life.

Since 1997, he has worked with business leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and other change agents – helping them with their strategy for thriving in a fast-changing world.

He has clients throughout Australia, as well as in New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the USA and Canada.

He is the author of “The Future of Leadership”, “Disruption By Design”, and 10 other books.

He has always taken the lead in embracing emerging technologies and trends, from his university thesis in robotics and artificial intelligence, to leading a software development team building the infrastructure for the early Internet, founding one of Australia’s first Web development companies in 1996, teaching thought leaders how to engage in e-learning platforms, and helping business leaders build their personal brand and online influence.

Because innovation is everybody’s business, and the best ideas can come from anywhere, he has worked with a number of industries – including healthcare, financial services, mining and resources, property, local government, education, and technology.

Forbes magazine rated him the #5 social media influencer in the world (and #1 in Australia) in his area of expertise.

He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the only internationally recognised designation for professional speakers. His formal background is in science and technology, with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Western Australia. But he’s always been interested in people and the way they communicate – and how to become ft for the future, so they embrace change, act on opportunities, and live happier lives.

Speaking Topics 

Fit for the Future

Thriving, not just surviving, in a disrupted world

The world is changing faster than ever before. Digital disruption, global reach, and the changing workplace affect us all. That’s bad news if you think you can get by with what has always worked before. But it’s exciting news if you’re willing to embrace the new opportunities.

Take an inspiring, eye-opening, and engaging ride into the future to learn about the global megatrends shaping your industry, the mindset that helps you lead the change, and the skills you need to get things done in a fast-changing world.

The Best Workplace on Earth

Attract and keep the best people

The workplace of the future will be very different from the workplace of today. It’s not just technology and automation – it’s about the environment you create for attracting the smart, talented, savvy people with the skills you need for future-proofing your organisation.

The bad news is that those “stars” are in demand, and can choose where they work. Are you providing the workplace that will attract and keep them?

Disruption By Design

Innovate from the inside out

Most disruption happens from new competitors, and often even from outside your industry. Innovation and disruption are two sides of the same coin: Disruption is when change happens to you, innovation is when you lead the change yourself.

Innovation is everybody’s business now, and the best organisations and teams foster a culture of ongoing innovation. Successful teams make innovation a habit, so it becomes embedded into everyday work and an important part of the culture.

The New Rules for High Performance

Channelling chaos for staying ahead of the game

The old rules for success don’t work in our fast-changing world. Traditional goal-setting fails because the world is changing too fast, jobs and careers aren’t safe, and established businesses are being disrupted by nimble start-ups.

Change always brings opportunity. Be ready for it by knowing what will matter most, learning what will prepare you best, and leveraging the opportunity to set yourself apart.

The Future of Leadership

Building high-performance teams in a VUCA world

Our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world needs a new kind of leadership. The most successful organisations and teams move fast, change quickly, and adapt to their environment faster.

Learn how to engage a modern workforce, tap into the unique skills and talents of team members, and lead effectively in an uncertain future.

The Future of Work

Build your skills for the future workplace

The skills you need for the future aren’t technical, task-oriented skills – because those skills will become obsolete through automation and artificial intelligence.

Identify and develop the skills you will need to thrive in the workplace of the future, so you can future-proof your career, collaborate and innovative in the most productive way, and stay ahead of the game in a fast-changing world.


Fantastic! Feedback was all positive and I heard that people were leaving to go and get their colleagues to come. This was the best attended non-mandatory company-wide briefing we have had in the 7 years I’ve been here.
- Liz Hamilton, MetLife

We were very appreciative of the work and preparation you invested in our National Summit. In the feedback, your presentation was listed as one of the most valuable features of the Summit.
- Mary Pozzobon, Allianz Global Assistance

Gihan delivered an engaging and thought-provoking presentation, and moderated the panel discussion with intelligent, well-researched questions. It has been a pleasure to work with him, due to his outstanding responsiveness, effective and reliable communication, and easy-going nature.
- Eszter Mattiassich-Aszody, Siemens

Gihan gave our audience an engaging and entertaining presentation. Importantly, he adapted his key messages for relevance to our pharmaceutical industry.
- Kos Sclavos, Pharmacy Guild of Australia

It was absolutely wonderful to have you speak at Thought Leaders Business School. You were insightful, entertaining, and hilarious. You managed to perfectly blend delivering your expertise, and exposing the thought leadership to the room. It was brilliant.
- Col Fink, Chief Engagement Officer, Thought Leaders

Gihan set a new standard for our members. Not only did he provide great value, but his content was fresh and new, plus inspirational and aspirational all at the same time. He took time to research our industry and tailored his talk to suit. From an organiser’s perspective, he was extremely efficient and effective, delivered exceptional value and made my job of delivering excellence so much easier.
- Amanda Blesing, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP)

Gihan really hit the mark when he spoke at our International Conference. His unique message and humour engaged my diverse audience and left them feeling inspired and empowered. His additional resources offered added massive value and assisted my members with implementing his great ideas. I have worked with Gihan over many years, and I am always impressed with how he evolves his presentations with the most current trends.
- Shane Kempton, CEO, Professionals Real Estate Group

Gihan was the opening speaker for our first national conference. He was interesting, entertaining and insightful - which helped set the tone for the rest of our three-day conference.
- Neil Macdonald, CEO, AMP Financial Planners Association

I have seen hundreds of speakers in my time, and without a doubt, Gihan Perera is one of the most interesting, amusing, entertaining and informative speakers on this planet!
- Deb Carr, Vox Presenters

Of all the speakers we had, Gihan was the one who best tailored his presentation specifically to our topic.
- Mike Ellis, Logan City Council

I’ve always been gob smacked by the depth of Gihan’s knowledge and his ability to explain what needs to be done in simple language that I can understand. Most importantly, I’ve always been over the moon with the results that using his advice and assistance gets for me.
- Winston Marsh, Business Growth Centre

Gihan provided a thought provoking, amusing and energetic opening to our Strategy 2017 Conference. Tailoring his insights to encourage us to embrace our ability to become ‘Change Agents’ enabled our team to take a different view on where our business is headed and explore avenues to collaborate with our customers. Truly a motivational and attention-grabbing session!
- Damian Long, Stockland

Gihan Perera is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, complementing our industry speakers perfectly, with an insightful glimpse into our future. The feedback we received from delegates was nothing but the highest praise.
- Kristy Anderson, Australian Property Institute

Gihan provided a great opening to our staff conference, bringing a higher level of thought to participants about ideas and alternative perspectives about how we view the future.
- Nikki Shaw, City of Busselton

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