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There are not many keynote speakers in Australia who have the breadth of skills and experience as that of Glynn Nicholas.With rare personal warmth, intellectual clarity, and drawing on his 33 years as a Comedian, Director and Theatre Producer, Glynn presents some of the most engaging, entertaining and insightful keynote addresses in the country.

He's an inspired storyteller, having written and performed several one-man shows. He has a deep understanding of what is required to operate companies, having produced plays and musicals in several countries, including London's West End.

Glynn has an endearing sense of humour and his ten years as a busker has taught him how to work with an audience, to maintain focus, keep people intrigued and most important how to make people laugh.  (After all, no-one wants to hear a boring speaker, no matter how important the information.)

Topics vary and can be tailored to suit a variety of conference themes. (see keynote topics below)

Glynn is a popular choice as an MC, he is entertaining and keeps the audience constantly amused - he has vast experience with one-off events and 2 to 3-day conferences (note for any international work he speaks French & German).  He'll help keep the event on time and can act as convener when required.

Much more than just a stand-up comedian, Glynn is renowned as one of the country's finest mime artists, with an array of hilarious routines (sometimes including volunteers from the audience) He also sings and plays guitar with skill and ease.


This is a gritty, honest, but very amusing look at the ups and downs of running a business 'how to manage when times are tough, the competition is fierce, egos are out of control and when sometimes you wonder if it's better to just chuck it all in. Glynn's story is one of perseverance, overcoming hard times, learning the tough lessons, moving forward.
Topics explored include:
Mavericks - why your business needs at least one
Keeping your business relevant 
What makes a great Team work and how to build one
Never underestimate your client?s willingness to help
New tricks - don't ever say you are too old to try something new!
Entrepreneurship - not such a big deal after all, how to find your inner entrepreneur
The most important job in the world - why it's yours.
Change 'losing the fear and see the opportunities'

This is the politically incorrect and straightforward examination of why some people are so very difficult to work with, negotiate with and live with. If you have customers, clients, colleagues, neighbours or a boss who is a right royal pain in the arse, this light-hearted but serious talk sheds light on how to navigate those treacherous waters and still retain your dignity.  You can get what you want without going completely bonkers and without resorting to killing someone.
There's an old saying that if you want to make God laugh, tell Him (or Her) your plans. When nothing goes according to plan, when you are treated unjustly, when your children, your partner or your co-workers let you down how do we deal with situations such as these? Is continued growth of your business always a good thing? What's the difference between prosperity and flourishing? What can we do to encourage the illusive butterfly called 'happiness' to land on our shoulder more often?

Is ZsaZsa Gabor right when she says 'A man is not complete until he is married, then he is finished'.  A comedic but insightful look into how important it is to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Tips to avoid the 'walking wallet syndrome' and an exploration for men and women of why, despite their degree of difficulty, relationships are so important. Plus useful tips on parenting for single Dads.



Glynn was great and interacted well with the audience. Everyone enjoyed his routine.

There is in Nicholas a fine lightness, a way of holding his audiences, however confidently, very gently in his most capable hands
- The Sunday Age

Your performance at our Red Nose Day launch was absolutely outstanding. You were the consummate professional. Our supporters rated the launch the best ever and particular praise was reserved for the manner in which you acted as Master of Ceremonies

Glynn to the rescue!! I knew that you would be funny and that the audience would respond positively to you but did not expect, in the preparation time available, for the material that you prepared to be so relevant to the Advisers and their role in AMP. It hit all the right spots with the audience. You seemed to understand their world and feed it back to them with humour, pathos but most importantly with respect. Your versatility, intelligence, humour and physical performance skills totally engaged the audience. My only dilemma is. how I'm going to top that next year

He was very witty. Fantastic - keep bringing him back.
- PLAN Australia conference

Glynn Nicholas was our choice as MC. He demonstrated an ability to listen, while taking every opportunity to suggest through his own experience, and the routines and characters he can bring to a conference, ways we could achieve our objectives. His research on the company was thorough. At all times Glynn was cooperative, reliable and professional.
- Manager Corporate Affairs Mortgage Choice

Great story teller & very inspirational
- Intercall

Motivational without being obvious about it - funny, light & engaging

Glynn Nicholas speaker

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Glynn Nicholas - Melbourne Showcase 2012

Glynn Nicholas - Melbourne Showcase 2012

Glynn Nicholas: Comedy.. Inspiration... Entrepreneurship...

Glynn Nicholas: Comedy.. Inspiration... Entrepreneurship...

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