Graeme Cowan

Graeme Cowan helps leaders and teams to be more caring and resilient - and enjoy growing together.

He is a Founding Board Director of , which creates simple practical eLearning, to help managers lead mentally healthy and safe teams. 

Speaking topics

Resilience for uncertain times

Small steps, remarkable results

In volatile times, it can be easy to forget self-care. Adopting tiny habits can help you enjoy the direct link between self-care, resilience, and growth. These small steps are the secret to being prepared for moments that matter at home and at work. You will learn:

  • How small habits lead to remarkable results
  • How to identify your mood vampires through Graeme’s science-based 15-point Self-care Snapshot
  • How to embed ONE new small habit to boost your mood

Growing psychologically safe and resilient teams

Building care AND high performance

Are we connected? Do we have a shared future? Are we safe? These 3 qualities are central to better team performance in an uncertain world. Our #1 priority is to help build more caring and resilient teams, who enjoy growing together. We show how everyone can contribute to this. You will gain simple, actionable steps, including:

  • 4 daily connection questions every leader should be asking their team
  • How to inspire team psychological safety (#1 of predictor of team innovation) during lockdown
  • How to embed a growth mindset and reduce risk

How to support a teammate (or yourself) in distress

Mental health for all – by involving all

The CSIRO has identified rising work stress as a mega risk to productivity for the next 20 years.

Major disruptions like Covid-19 have amplified this. Setbacks can happen any day, so having a sustainable and caring culture is critical.

You will learn how conversations are the key to:

  • Identifying someone who is struggling
  • Asking R U OK? with empathy
  • Guiding them to the help they need

Future Fit Teams

Future Fit Teams embraces a 'we care' mindset.

There are 3 contributing elements (and topics) to a 'we care' team:

1.Self-Care: Resilience for uncertain times

2.Crew Care: Growing psychologically safe and resilient teams

3.R U OK?365 / Red Zone Care: How to support a teammate (or yourself) in distress


I have worked with Graeme in a number of organisations and find myself continually referring his name on to the CEOs and Executives I work alongside with. Graeme is authentic, empathetic in nature and has supported the coming together of executive teams that face challenging times through transformation and changing environments. His style allows senior executives to think differently about emotional resilience and wellbeing strategies that can increase performance and culture in an organisation. I would use Graeme’s support any day!
Human Resources Director, International Convention Centre, Sydney

I cannot recommend Graeme Cowan highly enough. He is an engaging, humble and thought-provoking speaker. All participants felt energized and focused on putting his ideas into action.
People, Safety, And Culture Director, Serco

20 keynotes and workshops for 1500 leaders in Business, Retail, and Wealth divisions around Australia 97.8% of participants agreed with “I have a better understanding of my key strengths, my energisers and my purpose, and how I will use that information to help me lead my team more effectively.
Big 4 Bank

Many of our leaders said that your presentation was the best they had seen at a Partner's Meeting - and we have had some great speakers - so that says it all. You set the mood wonderfully for the weekend and your message has helped move our culture in an enhanced direction. I would recommend you to any CEO who is interested in the sustainable success and the renewal of their leadership team.
CEO, Russell Mcveagh

Graeme has a compelling story that should be heard! He was a keynote speaker at a recent series of team forums we held around the country with great feedback from the team. A few quotable quotes... "Very inspiring, and a good reminder of what makes work and life great." "Good tips on helping people you know with mental health issues." "Powerful story, with great reflection points."
Tim Steele, GM, MLC

Graeme's 4.55 out of 5 speaker's rating by participants was truly deserved.
Director, Institute Of Management Consultants

We absolutely loved you, and there were so many positive comments about you, and also your content. Thanks so much.
Worksafe Queensland

Your presentation on the “7 Rituals of the Resilient Leader” was very interactive, thought provoking, and well received. In particular, the practical tips on how to help those around us in the Red Zone, and ways to maintaining your own Green Zone, were of great value. I am delighted that you will be able to assist us in our remaining 4 conferences scheduled this financial year.
Department Of Immigration And Border Protection

Extraordinarily practical advice on how to turn problems into opportunities.
Managing Director, Sentinel Wealth

Graeme Cowan speaker

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Stage Speaker Reel

Stage Speaker Reel

How to support a teammate in distress

How to support a teammate in distress

What it's like to attend one of Graeme's presentations SB

What it's like to attend one of Graeme's presentations SB

Growing psychologically safe and resilient teams

Growing psychologically safe and resilient teams

Self-care isn't selfish

Self-care isn't selfish

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