Greg Bell, author of Water The Bamboo: Unleashing the Potential of Teams and Individuals, is a recognized thought leader.  As a student and keen observer of highly successful people and teams, he distills his findings into the Water The Bamboo methodology.

Water The Bamboo is a metaphor for individual and team success. If you water giant timber bamboo in the 1st year, nothing happens. In the second year, nothing happens. In the third year, nothing happens. But when you water bamboo in the fourth year, it will rocket up an astonishing 90 feet in only 60 days. Do you and your team have the kind of vision, faith, patience, persistence and focus to achieve what you want? Those who catch the spirit and understand the principles of the bamboo farmer will see their visions suddenly explode into reality - seemingly out of nowhere.

Greg has brought the principles of Water The Bamboo to over 500 clients and associations and tens of thousands of individuals, to transform leadership and spark much-needed change.  Every team, organization, and individual is unique.  Greg brings a tool kit of practical exercises, inspirational stories of triumph and lots of interaction to customize programs that entertain, challenge and motivate participants.

Greg is a two-time Inspirational Player of the Year for the University of Oregon basketball team, successful attorney and entrepreneur, and the force behind Coaches vs. Cancer, which has raised over $50 million dollars for cancer research. Greg is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest earned designation for the National Speakers Association and International.

Federation of Professional Speakers. Only 10% of speakers have earned this designation. Greg founded the Water The Bamboo Center For Leadership to inspire and motivate teams to achieve their own remarkable results.

Awaken The Bamboo Farmer Within You :Break through to your full potential
From front-line employees to upper management, this keynote will inspire you to reexamine your personal and professional dreams, while creating value for othersin the workplace and beyond. It is perfect for all employee events, associations, and conferences. In what has become his most popular presentation, Greg Bell will demonstrate how adopting the mindset of the bamboo farmer can transform your life and those around you in amazing ways.  Giant bamboo grows with astonishing speed and strength. However, such growth only comes as a result of the bamboo farmer faithfully watering the bamboo over time until it can establish deep and resilient roots. We all can become bamboo farmers, nurturing the qualities of patience, courage, self-discipline, persistence, and belief.
How you will benefit:

  • Identify core values that will lead to profound growth
  • Learn the secret formula for peak performance
  • Develop a mindset that will lead to higher performance
  • Adopt the characteristics of the bamboo farmer
  • Create breakthrough results in your personal and professional life

Lead Like A Bamboo Farmer: Revitalize your team by cultivating strong roots
By adopting the principles of Water The Bamboo as your leadership style, you can create an environment that energizes and inspires your team to reach new heights in their working relationships and team results. As a leader, you may feel that all eyes are on you, but giant bamboo doesn't grow in isolation. It grows in groves, where individual stalks draw strength from one another. If you deepen the roots of your bamboo grove (team), amazing things can happen. To lead a team effectively, you will need to lay the groundwork for success. In this insightful presentation, Greg Bell will give you tools and strategies that will guide you and your team to reaching your full potential.
How you will benefit:

  • Learn how to balance 'high expectations' while providing 'high support'
  • Discover how to assess your team members and provide the support they need to succeed
  • Identify and understand the formula for peak team performance
  • Cultivate strong, resilient values within your team
  • Inspire others to be bamboo farmers

Don't Farm Alone: How to grow better relationships for better results
Whether you are connecting with clients or collaborating as a staff on strategic goals and objectives, building strong relationships is the foundation to your organization's success. Working professionals will spend the majority of their lives on the job. If you want a workplace characterized by trust, collaboration, and shared risk, this is the program for you. This riveting, research-based program, modeled on the GregBell Curve, will demonstrate how cultivating healthy relationships within your organization will lead to heightened productivity and personal success. Insightful, humorous, and practical, this Water The Bamboo presentation will leave employees energized and eager to connect and reconnect.
How you will benefit:

  • Foster a culture of trust and shared vision
  • Break down the silos in your organization
  • Learn the tools and skills for empowering relationships
  • Establish strategic partnerships that can help you succeed
  • Discover a framework for collaboration

Adapt Like Bamboo: Don't just survive, thrive with change
For organizations or individuals to reach their greatest potential, they will inevitably face change. It will take commitment and a circle of strong relationships to thrive in the midst of it, but you will emerge more powerful and ready for the next challenge.  In this energetic presentation, Greg Bell will show leaders and teams how to embrace change, ask strategic questions, and harness the human talent and potential within their organizations - without losing focus. Greg will help guide participants to be strong and flexible like bamboo. Attendees will leave excited and equipped with the skills to design and implement a successful strategy for change.  (Note: A specialized program is available for leaders/managers/supervisors on leading change.)
How you will benefit:

  • Understand change as a process
  • Develop a strategy to support your team in the face of complex challenges
  • Empower others to embrace change to drive new results
  • Learn how adaptability and persistence can lead to newfound creativity and innovation


Greg's ideas about maximizing potential and living into your values resonated with our leaders. If you are looking to connect your leaders with success attributes, Greg would make an excellent keynote speaker for your next leadership meeting.
- Human Resources Manager, Allstate

Greg Bell's 'Unleash Your Potential - Revitalize Your Team ' Education Session was a huge hit at our National Association of Electrical Distributors' Leadership Enhancement and Development Conference! I would highly recommend Greg to any organization wishing to inspire their leaders to set a clear vision, well dened goals and a solid action plan necessary to achieve breakthrough results.
- Conference Chair, National Association of Electrical Distributors

Greg is a unique presenter who empowers individuals, helping them realize the best about themselves and their situations... laughing with us and building relationships every step of the way.
- Director of Organizational Development, University of Oregon

I want to express our appreciation for the excellent programs you presented. Both programs were tremendously eective and very well received. We hope to have you back for our annual meeting again soon.
- Program Committee, Western Association of College and University Business Ocers

A rare combination of practical and provocative, and entertaining to boot.
- Managing Partner/Attorney, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

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Greg Bell - Water the Bamboo

Greg Bell - Water the Bamboo

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