Greg Page, better known as the Original Yellow Wiggle, spent 17 years performing with and steering the incredible entertainment phenomenon, The Wiggles, on its path to international success.  Hear the stories about how 4 Aussie mates came up with an innovative idea and took it to the world!

With over 23 million DVD's sold worldwide, more than 7,000 live performances and more than 3 million concert tickets sold, it is hard to argue that The Wiggles were not a force to be reckoned with, and their track record speaks for itself.

Greg's passion for sharing his experiences runs deep with his insights into the world of entertainment and business.  He delights audiences with anecdotes from many years of touring in close quarters with these legendary entertainers, as well as the business that he helped to lead that became a world-wide success story.

He also talks about how he dealt with life change and life challenge, sharing intimate stories from his retirement from the Wiggles, as well as the truth about his return to the group for what became the last year of the original Wiggles performing together.

Presentations that Greg has previously given include:

Life Change equals Life Challenge

  • Recognising life change
  • Accepting life change
  • What to do when change becomes a challenge
  • Moving forward with a new perspective

The Success of The Wiggles

  • How The Wiggles embraced innovation
    • 7 Ingredients for Success
    • Squad/Team
  • Strengths/Weaknesses
    • Team building vs team division
  • Uniqueness
    • What is that your business has that makes it unique?
  • Creativity
    • Keeping product fresh
  • Culture
  • Local, Domestic, International
    • Staff culture - rewards for staff commensurate with effort/return to business.
    • Growing the Brand
  •  Executive/Leadership
    • Dealing with Success
    • Managing a sensitive brand
  • Evolution - The ability to adapt in a changing market
    • How many times can you write about Wags the Dog?
    • How do you deal with a market that is constantly changing and improving? Did video really kill the radio star?
  • Demand for Product (desired by market)
    • What is it about your product that creates demand for it in the market place?
    • Why do the public need/want the product?
    • Wiggles provided wholesome entertainment for children that parents could use as 'babysitters'.  They also provided education opportunities for the children.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

  • What is success?
  • Who defines our successes?
  • Why is success important to us personally?
  • Why is success important in life?
  • How does failure fit with the concept of success?
  • How do we climb the ladder of success?
  • Getting the balance right.

Life by Design

  • Are we truly able to live a life by our own design?
  • What forces and factors are at play in our lives that cause us to feel out of control?
  • How do we limit the impact of these on our lives?
  • Different personality types and their traits.
  • How these personality types see life in different ways.
  • Setting the goal of inner peace.
  • Achieving the goal of inner peace.
  • Accepting other personality types as a means of achieving inner peace.
  • Choosing the right design for your life.



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