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Heidi Dening is an award-winning business owner and best-selling author who believes that education changes lives. She has dedicated her career to empowering thousands of people across the globe with resilience, self-leadership and wellbeing programs from small children on remote pacific islands to C-suite executives in billion-dollar companies.

She is currently on a crusade to make sure leaders and their teams are resilient enough to come out of these stressful, uncertain and changeable times.

This has meant she has delivered onstage and online programs and presentations to thousands of leaders from across the globe. Some of the Australian companies have included Financial Planners Association, Metcash, University of Sydney and MLC Wealth.

Heidi’s empowering education content is a unique compilation of:

  • Science-based facts from her degree;
  • Over 22yrs of experience educating organisations and their people with performance-enhancing programs;
  • Insights from rising above real-life adversities such as a paralysing illness, gunpoint kidnapping, tsunami terror, and narrowly escaping being burnt alive.

Heidi often appears in the media as a resilience expert, including a recent segment on Channel Nine’s Weekend Today, a full-page article on the front page of the Daily Telegraphs Hibernation lift-out about the mental health pandemic following COVID-19, plus numerous radio interviews.

She has been named Best International Keynote Speaker in the Asia Pacific region at the Influential Businesswoman’s Awards 2020, is the author of an Amazon best-selling self-leadership book called ‘Her Middle Name Is Courage’ and an expert at supporting leaders to find the courage to keep moving forward during tough times.

Speaking topics

Tough Times Don’t Last. Resilient People Do.
Are You Mastering Your Resilience and Performing at Your Best?

This presentation is designed to help you find the courage to build your resilience, so you can navigate better out of tough times. Whether you are experiencing financial challenges, job insecurity, workplace dramas, or personal pressures, this impactful session will help you build your resilience and create a positive plan for life.

You will learn:

  • To be the boss of your thoughts, not the slave of them, so you can pinpoint opportunities during challenging times.
  • How to disconnect, so you can reconnect with what’s most important for your life right now.
  • To proactively build your resilience so you can bend rather than break during high-pressured times.

Cool, Calm and Collected in a Challenging World
How to Manage Your Stress and Cope Better with Uncertainty

This wellbeing presentation is designed to show you simple, actionable micro-changes that you can make in life, to transform your daily stress and often overwhelming feelings of uncertainty into productivity and performance. These strategies will help you take back control of your life even when family, flatmates, fur-babies and frequent work distractions are preventing you from moving into a calm state of focus and flow.

You will learn:

  • How to recognise the warning signs of burnout that your body and brain are sending to you, before it’s too late.
  • Structured self-care habits to help you focus and concentrate when it matters, and rest and rejuvenate when it’s needed.
  • A four-part resilience formula to help you remain cool, calm and collected in this ever-changing world.

Courageous Self-Leadership during Times of Change
Improve Your Professional Impact by Proactively Leading Yourself

This self-leadership presentation is designed to give you the courage and ability to lead your company, your team and even your community during times of change. When those around you are paralysed by fear, learn to adapt, innovate and keep your momentum flowing through tough times.

You will learn:

  • How to impact more people and engage better with your team by embracing one self-leadership trait.
  • Four resilience building habits that successful leaders prioritise and how to apply them to your life.
  • How to manage your stress so you can courageously lead with empathy and effectiveness.


In the modern business environment, the deep expertise and practical strategies that Heidi empowers us with is a much needed and welcome change. If you are looking for ideas to recognise the early signs of work fatigue and burnout in your profession, Heidi has strategies to combat even the darkest of storms. Her presentation skills and abilities to command a room are world class.
Anthony Grifoni
Law Society of Sutherland

Vibrant and engaging on stage, equally amazing in a virtual environment, Heidi is the master at helping individuals and organisations build resilience so they are better equipped to handle the tough stuff when it is thrown their way. She has lived through some of the toughest moments and has had to find her way back. It is this experience and her powerful storytelling that strengthens her messages and resonates deeply with audiences.
Claire Baines, GM
Hands Across The Water

Heidi is an inspiring and engaging storyteller who has turned her extraordinary experiences into practical, clear strategies which we can all implement immediately into our corporate lives. Her stories are incredible and as I looked around the room, I could see that everyone was completely spellbound.
Louise Moule, Marketing Manager
Real Estate Institute of NSW

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[]Introduction] Courageous Self-Leadership
Courageous Self-Leadership During Times Of Change
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