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Discover how to boost your brain, turn stress into success and perform at your peak.

Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor, leading authority on improving brain function, best-selling author and international speaker. She graduated from the University of Sydney and her philosophy is that education is more powerful than medication.

She is passionate about showing people how to live longer, stronger, healthier and happier. To this end, she doesn’t just deliver compelling presentations, she creates life-changing experiences.

Dr Helena brings audiences to life with her incisive health messages, razor-sharp insights and dynamic delivery. She shows how great health is not a distant decision – it’s a daily decision. And great health is your great advantage because it’s rare. Ninety-five percent of employees underperform in the workplace because they’re not in great health. They might not be overtly sick but they’re not as healthy as they could be. This impacts dramatically on their productivity and on the bottom line. If you want to get ahead, get healthy – because everyone else is moving in the opposite direction.

Dr Helena is Founder of the Centre for Excellent Health and Ambassador for The Gut Foundation of Australia.

She was a Sydney TEDx Fast Ideas finalist and her book NeuroSlimming won Bronze medal in the international Living Now Awards for its contribution to positive global change. She is also the author of In Search of My Father – Dementia is no match for a daughter’s determination.

You can hear Dr Helena presenting ‘Healthy Bites’ on ABC radio Brisbane Gold Coast every Thursday afternoon.

Discuss your core values and desired outcomes with Dr Helena and she’ll bring the WOW factor to your event.

Speaking topics

Boost Your Brain

Most people work on building up and boosting their financial assets. But how many people work on building up and boosting their greatest asset: their brain?

The emerging field of neuroplasticity has shown that the brain can change its own structure and function. It can grow new cells, new circuits and new connections in response to what we do, what we think and how we behave.
We are far more than passive victims of our genes: we play an active role in how our brains develop throughout our lives. However most of us are yet to realise the enormous personal power this gives us.

For the brain to stay healthy and operate at its best, we need the right nutrition, rest, stimulation, challenge and reward. It also requires that we take charge of our thinking, since our thoughts play an integral role in wiring our brains for optimal performance.

This presentation distils the essence of the neuroplastic revolution and gives immediately implementable, practical suggestions to improve the functioning of the brain. By applying this knowledge, we can:

  1. tap into brain potential we never knew we had
  2. sharpen our thinking
  3. improve our concentration and memory - at any age
  4. expand our creativity
  5. increase our capacity for learning and problem solving
  6. reduce our risk of developing depression, anxiety disorders and Alzheimer's disease
  7. prevent the cognitive decline we?ve mistakenly believed was inevitable with ageing
  8. perform at our peak on a daily basis
  9. achieve far more than we ever thought possible

Boost Your Brain is an ideal conference opener - it switches people on, opens their minds and gears them up for the learning that?s ahead. 

Turn Stress Into Success

Stress is an inevitable part of life.

Intermittent, mild stress is not a bad thing. It assists in building up our resilience and it switches on our adrenal glands to release performance-enhancing chemicals. However, chronic or severe stress has a detrimental effect on our performance as well as on our physical, mental and emotional health. Unchecked stress is a contributing factor in every major disease we suffer and can lead to erosion of brain function and obesity.

Turn Stress Into Success explains how we can use stress to our advantage and turn stressful events into successful outcomes. It also shows:

  1. how to fortify the mind and body to raise our stress threshold
  2. the five steps to deal with stress when we're in the middle of it - so that we not only survive but thrive.

Master Your Mind    

Is your work a creative experience or an exercise in damage control? 
Is your life a playground or a battlefield? 

The mind is our most powerful tool and our most forceful opponent.  The mind is the key to motivation, and motivation is the key to leadership - of ourselves and of others. 

What is the mind and how does it operate? 
Can mind really overcome matter?

This presentation delivers the latest cutting edge research on the neuroscience of success.  Mastering our mind is not about forcing ourselves to think positively but choosing to think constructively.       

In this thought-provoking session participants will discover:

  1. the role of the conscious and subconscious mind
  2. the power of possibility thinking
  3. the power of mind over mood
  4. how to harness our internal dialogue to generate the outcomes we desire
  5. how to turn mistakes into mastery
  6. the X factor for excellence
  7. how to create an upward spiral to success

Live Longer, Healthier And Happier

Everyone wants to live longer, healthier and happier.  Yet all three of these goals are sliding in the wrong direction.  Australia has overtaken America as the fattest and unfittest nation in the world, and if we continue with our current lifestyles, the present generation of children will die at a younger age than their parents.

The pace, pressures and demands of 21st century life are actively working against us being healthy.  In our existing environment, a healthy lifestyle seems to take too much time, effort and energy in an already over-stretched existence.  Not to mention the confusing and contradictory advice about what it actually takes to be healthy and happy. 

In this session participants will discover:

  1. how moment by moment we're making choices that either improve our health or strain our health; that either lift our mood or lower our mood
  2. how to take charge of our own health and happiness
  3. the small things that make a big difference
  4. the big things that make a big difference
  5. how to create and sustain a dynamic workplace culture that actively supports everyone?s health, happiness and longevity

Elevate Your Energy

Fatigue is the plague of modern life.  The most common complaint presenting to doctors is 'feeling tired all the time'.  Exhaustion has become the new normal.

Be prepared to get a new lease on life, to re-ignite your zest for living and to have more energy and vitality than you ever remember having.  This highly motivating, fast-paced, information-packed presentation reveals the key steps to boundless energy and vitality.  Energy management is more important than time management, and energy management facilitates time management. 

Having vibrant health and abundant energy enables us to bring the best of ourselves to the people we love and the things that we do.  Elevating our energy is about waking up and truly feeling alive, connected and fulfilled.

Elevate Your Energy is the perfect way to close a conference: it leaves delegates invigorated, fired up and inspired to take action.       

Mission Slimpossible 

Despite the extraordinary advances in science and technology and the explosion in information on health, nutrition and exercise, maintaining a healthy bodyweight has proved Mission Impossible.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that 63% of adult males, 48 % of adult females and 25% of children were overweight or obese - and the numbers have continued to climb.  The Medical Journal of Australia reported that the cost of overweight and obesity in Australia was $21 billion, most of it funded by the tax payer.

Where have we gone wrong? 

We are not addressing the true cause of obesity: we are starving our bodies instead of feeding our spirits. 

Mission SlimPossible is unlike any other weight-loss program.  It is built on three key principles:

  1. Living not dieting
  2. Fun not force
  3. Being you not new

It doesn't matter if you have a slow metabolism, a genetic predisposition to putting on weight or a frenetic lifestyle that lends itself to weight gain.  It doesn't matter if you have no idea why you haven't achieved your desired body weight.  In Mission SlimPossible participants learn the skills of successful slimming, regardless of what's stopped them from losing weight and keeping it off in the past.  

Achieving a lasting, healthy body weight is possible for everyone - without rigid, restrictive, gruelling regimes; without the need for pills, powders, potions or lotions.  Mission SlimPossible is for anyone who is sick of battling their weight and who wants to live a vibrant life of joy, freedom and vitality.


Helena is the most extraordinary person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have never known someone who is so positive about everything they undertake, and her enthusiasm for anything she does is infectious. She throws herself into her work with passion and drive and she has the unique ability to motivate, captivate and inspire those around her. I find her spirit uplifting. Anything is possible with energy and enthusiasm. Helena is a testament to that. She is a truly inspiring individual.
- Monique Aarts Consular Official, Australian Consulate General, Frankfurt, Germany

Wow! Helena is an amazing source of motivation, innovation and inspiration. Her message will change the world!
- Jasmin Tohadze, Senior Policy Officer

The feedback from your session was extremely positive. I had many people coming up in the following weeks stating they had made changes to improve their health (mostly via diet or exercise) and that it made perfect sense to do so. Funnily enough, when people usually say something like this, there is a certain tone of voice used – as if they are dragging their feet along the ground and not really wanting to make these changes. This has not been the case after your workshop with us and the changes have been expressed in a positive manner. That was a few months back now. As for the longer-term changes.... Well I can say we have doubled the number of teams going in the corporate triathlon already for this year, there is a weekly jogging effort, some staff members are cycling to work, the commitment to Friday golfing is clearly evident, and there has been a steady increase in what was once the monthly Friday social lunch in the company of colleagues to what is looking like a weekly / fortnightly event (this is not on the same Fridays as golf – we do actually work on Fridays). I think we are off to a good start for the year!
- Katie Nicholls - OHS Manager Hastie Air Conditioning

There are very few conference speakers as passionate and memorable as Helena. She has a special gift for communicating with an audience using great intelligence, humour and wit. She is truly outstanding!
- Patricia Noble Director of Medical Centre Nursing Workshops

The audience of around 300 business owners were glued to their seats in one of the finest presentations I have seen in years. Helena is skilled, highly polished, engaging and eminently practical in her delivery. Thank you!
- Founder of Flying Solo

Helena received a standing ovation! She is an enthusiastic, energetic, generous and knowledgeable speaker, and had her audience taking notes and taking action. She left the audience absolutely inspired.
- Founder and CEO - SHE Business Australia

Absolutely fantastic! I love Helena's powerful, polished and profound presentation. What a sensational speech!
- Business Chicks

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Cliftons Elevate hybrid showcase - Don't waste this crisis!

Helena Popovic

Helena Popovic

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