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What differentiates High Performance Teams is there ability to achieve extraordinary business results while simultaneously increasing personal satisfaction, commitment and retention: therefore ensuring that their success is sustainable. This does not happen by accident but through implementing a series of strategies that they put in place that puts them ahead of the rest of the competition.

What is it that gives a winning team the edge?
What is it that makes them stand out from the rest and perform at a consistently high level?

This session includes not only a presentation but there is as well the opportunity to test these strategies in a riveting and addictive activity where delegates can test these concepts and even transform themselves into high performance teams. In this high energy session delegates absorb the learning's far more powerfully through a memorable shared experience.

Garry Adler and Guy Moxley work with over 100 clients a year and have observed first hand the powerful applications of their messages. They believe that a deeper understanding of teaming dynamics occurs far more powerfully by learning first hand so their sessions balance theory with experimentation. The conference room typically becomes abuzz with energy and delegates absorb the messages through a dynamic interplay of theory and application.

Lights, Camera, Action Film Making
This is an extraordinary, fun filled, creative team challenge. Teams can choose to make advertisements, product launches/commercials or even short movies the list is endless..... Not only do they have to fulfill the task of creating a script, choosing locations, acting, camera work but they must also capture in the finished product certain pre determined messages. A brilliant team event!

Australian Team Idol Song Challenge
In this sensational team challenge program, teams choose, produce and sing a great musical masterpiece. As in the spirit of the hit show 'Australian Idol', no one misses a beat in what turns out to a hugely entertaining afternoon that concludes with an evening show where teams present their songs to standing ovations. We can also capture the event on camera...

Strictly Dancing
Why not combine the flair and emotion of dance and music and allow the teams to truly discover their intuition and talent on the dance floor. Teams learn different dance pieces and put together a fantastic evening of entertainment and fun.

High on Ropes
One the most exhilarating and euphoric team experiences is working together as one group at different heights on the low and high ropes complex.. The team builds confidence; trust in each other, patience and nothing really holds them back as they conquer the varied challenges on offer. High on Ropes is a great confidence booster for if you know the system is safe, your team mates are supporting at all levels, what is holding you back with taking that extra step..?

Outwit! Outplay! Outthink! (Survivor Program)
With all the drama of Survivor, this fun filled program creates a very high level of participation, competitiveness and integration. Survivor is a powerful way of bringing people together as they dissolve and merge. No one is left out of this dynamic teambuilding exercise which involves some great team challenges which will enhance their ability to work as a team if they are going to survive!

Japanese Sword Fencing and the Art of Trust (Corporate Kendo)
This is a truly unique and exhilarating experience that combines Japanese Sword Fencing, Eastern Thinking and Teambuilding. This activity as a huge 'wow' factor, it allows the delegates to learn the ancient tradition of Japanese sword fencing through which they get to practice with each other, build trust and intuition as they go, learning what it takes to focus and some fantastic pointers about the


From the buzz that was evident during the entire event and the constant feedback received form the team both during and since the event it is fair to say we exceeded our goals.
- Corporate Express Australia Limited

Thank you so much for your involvement in the Schwarzkopf National Conference. ,We have received fantastic feedback on - In the Zone.
- Swartzkopf

On behalf of the delegates at the Australian Stock Exchange conference last month, I would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your team for the teambuilding activities/sessions you provided the delegates. The activities you organised were thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.

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