Ian Hutchinson (B.Bus, Grad.Dip.Psy, CSP), an employee engagement expert, author of ‘People Glue: Employee Engagement & Retention Solutions That Stick!’, founder and Chief Engagement Officer (CEO) of Life by Design.

His 'self-responsibility approach' to employee engagement and motivating individuals is the missing link to simply and easily unlocking workforce potential and maximising productivity and performance.

Ian is a Professional Speakers Australia Hall of Fame Speaker and Educator of the Year, who has presented at events for most of Australia's Top 10 companies and many award winning Best Employers.

Ian enables organisations to fully realise their potential, by increasing employee engagement and motivation with quick-win tools and systems which simply and easily galvanises employee engagement responsibility across all organisational levels from HR through to people leaders and employees.

Ian Hutchinson has been profiled in the mainstream media such as The New York Times, The Australia Financial Review, Business Review Weekly, The Today Show (Channel 9), Today Tonight (Channel 7) and Reality Bites (ABC).

He has run employee engagement programs for organisations such as Toyota, Westpac, AMP, BT, CBA, NAB, ANZ, Coke, Pepsi, Lend Lease, Macquarie Bank, Randstad, Mallesons, PwC, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Siemens, Red Cross, TNT, SAP, Vodafone, Pfizer, Roche, AZ, Abbott, Eli Lilly and McDonalds to name just a few.



  • People Glue: Maximising Performance & Productivity with Employee Driven Engagement
  • Employee engagement & motivation for leaders & managers
  • The 7 Key Drivers of Employee Engagement
  • Unlocking Workforce Potential


  • Self Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential In Work & Life
  • Employee Driven Engagement: The Self Responsibility Approach Engagement & Motivation
  • Be Happier & More Fulfilled @ Work + Life
  • Create Your Life by Design

Most Popular Topic Synopses

People Glue: Maximising Performance & Productivity with Employee Driven Engagement Looking for practical ways to build employee engagement and motivation within your teams? This session will maximise leaders & managers ability to confidently unlock employee engagement, motivation & performance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the 7 drivers of employee engagement and motivation
  • Learn how team members can drive team engagement themselves
  • Discover some quick win tools to help create a win-win culture
  • Leaders will start to build a customised Team Engagement Plan (TEP), to help maximise productivity & performance.

Self Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential In Work & Life

Empower individuals to take control of their own engagement in work and life, creating a motivated, self-responsible culture.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Take more responsibility for their own self-leadership, work & life and personal finances
  • Create Personal Engagement Plans (PEP) for improving motivation & engagement by as much as 80%
  • Develop strategies for improving job fulfilment by as much as 90%
  • Create action plans to have more informed discussions with their manager/leader.


Your performance was nothing short of outstanding. Your ability to grasp the group in your hand from the start and keep them until the very end was incredible. It was made even more apparent to me when so many of the group were talking at dinner about the topics you covered and the fun they had in your presentation
- MacDonalds

Your energetic closing keynote at Parliament House was one of the highlights of the day. Your humour, fun and lively audience interaction combined with a strong but real "take home" value was just what was needed. We will definitely be using you again...
- Meetings Industry Association of Australia

Today's work environment is such that there's little time to reflect on whether you want to be where you are, let alone whether you are who you want to be. This course pushes you to question both who and where you want to be and provides tangible tools to achieve both. Highly recommend.
- Macquarie Bank

Best session of the conference - energetic, engaging, relevant... rated 90+%... Finally something of value to enhance my business & life
- Tribeca

...highly motivating and stimulating....uplifting...talent and expertise in making people rethink about what really is important to them in their lives.
- Club Managers Development Australia

Your fun, energetic and informative session was one of the highlights of the conference. The feedback from the planners was excellent and we hope to discuss ways of integrating your Lifestyle Planning Model into our Financial Planning Model.
- Fiducian

At a time of year when people are usually slowing down with the help of Ian Hutchinson we had people excited, motivated and interested in making plans. Any external training that TOWER undertakes needs to be very closely linked to current strategy and direction. Ian's ability to not only understand this need for business congruence but take it a step further and leave people feeling empowered to make a difference is why we are eager to have Ian's sessions become a regular feature. The energy, relevance and professionalism of the sessions were commented on by all participants.
- Tower

Your energetic session at the Sydney Convention Centre was one of the highlights of the day - the feedback from the audience of 1,000 was excellent. Your humour, fun and lively audience interaction was just what was needed on the day - it was ideally woven with a very strong, extremely relevant and practical lifestyle planning message for our clients with real "take home" value.
- Retireinvest

Outstanding. Ian was amazing, interesting and entertaining. It's not very often a speaker comes along that pleases everyone. Most importantly what he said makes sense and is usable in every day life.
- Financial Planning Association of Australia

Your presentation at our conference was rated 'the most useful session' by about 40% of respondents. That's very impressive considering we had 14 different sessions. Interactive and fun, everyone took something away for themselves and their business.
- Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The support of yourself to our program really made a difference - in fact it turned a risk for us into a sure fire winner!

Ian's energetic and entertaining style and obvious passion for the topic was evident in his interactive delivery style and the way he easily engaged the audience.
- Women in Finance

A perfect 10 out of 10
- NSW Dairy Corporation

Ian Hutchinson speaker

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Ian Hutchinson

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