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Ian Stephens is one of Australia's leading motivational keynote speakers on sales, customer service and business development. He is a speaker with a passion for the practical. Dubbed 'Tim the Tool Man', Ian's entertaining and dynamic talks demonstrate how to build and create practical productivity tools, and develop skills that the front-facing people can use to increase revenue.

Formerly a management consultant with the international sales/revenue generation specialist, Ian has global experience working with a wide range of national and international clients including CHEP, Brambles, Sensis, Wesfarmers, Cleanaway, Smorgon Group and Redken. His expertise creates the means for clients to make their revenue strategies happen.

Ian has climbed the corporate ladder at remarkable speed. With practical experience as a sales representative, supervisor and sales manager, Ian was appointed State Manager of a multi-million dollar business at the age of 24.


Accelerate – The Rhythm of High Performing Teams

Many organisations need their teams (or a newly formed project team) to come together fast, and create traction in getting results. We often hear how teams takes too long to produce the desired results because their members have come from different backgrounds, have varying capabilities, and may have not worked together before. The key lies in having the team determine the team culture they want and giving them permission to design and implement a high performing team culture.

Drawing on Ian’s experience in training and creating High Performance Teams across 29 countries, this tailored keynote is designed to disrupt peoples thinking about what a collaborative High Performance team looks like, and showcases the results they can achieve.

Activate – The Rhythm of Sales Success

Based on his book ‘The 7 Universal Laws of Sales Success’ Ian tailors a keynote that will inspire and equip the sales team and/or Sales Leaders to increase the chances that your sales targets actually happen.

Captivating the audience with his unique prop (portable Speedball/bag stand) Ian shares powerful business development laws and skills weaved seamlessly to his journey to master not only the speedball, but achieve consistency in sales performance.

Advocate – The Rhythm of Creating Raving Fans

The organisation does not pay employee’s salaries; the customer does! And the customer will not remember what your staff member said, but instead how they made them FEEL. Only one thing is required to turn customers into raving fans and advocates who gladly refer you to others; presence. They want the person they are connecting with to make them feel like the centre of their universe for the moment. They don’t want you to be a ‘servant’, and yet they love it when you come from a ‘service’ mentality.

In this powerful keynote or workshop, Ian Stephens draws on skills and tools from his latest book ‘NOW-Powered Customer Service‘ to showcase how to create raving fans who want to do repeat business with you.

Bounce back – The Rhythm of RESILIENCE

In this raw and vulnerable keynote, Ian shares the highs and lows of his career, from down and out with the creditors calling, to being named in the top 20 motivational business speakers in Australia. Using his journey to master the Rhythm Speedball (Speedbag in the USA) as a metaphor for resilience and bouncing back, Ian totally engages and inspires conference participants.

Navigate – The Rhythm of Leading for Longevity

This powerful and entertaining presentation highlights the tools leaders can use to navigate their team through times of uncertainty, change and an era of disruption.

People leave their ‘one-up-leader’, not the organisation! How well are your leaders stroking the motivators and values of their team members, and ensuring they willingly tap into their discretionary effort reserves? Are your leaders thinking about ‘disruption’ and how to prepare for it?

Ian Stephens is co-founder of ‘Neuro-Transformational Strategies’. He is the author of three books and is currently finishing ‘Enrich, the new science of Self-Leadership’.

The Rhythm of Momentum

Getting your team to create momentum, and maximise it may just be the most important area of focus for leaders these days. Based on his book ‘The 7 Step Pathway to Mastery’ this powerful and entertaining presentation includes a highly moving display of mastery and momentum in action. It leaves delegates motivated to take action and resourced with tools to make any required change happen.

Participants are engaged before Ian even speaks. His portable Speedball framework (erected on the stage) immediately creates a state of curiosity. His powerful talk weaves in Ian’s journey to master the Rhythm Speedball (Speedbag in the USA), and totally engages and inspires conference participants. Culminating in a live demonstration of his National Speedball Championship routine, your team will be dazzled at ‘what’s possible’ when the power of focus and discipline are merged.

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